Meet YouThere Vinyl Recording Booth!


Sarah Beckham Hooff & Aaron Latos founded YouThere, a Vinyl Recording Booth, because, well, they’re awesome and they wanted to do something super fun!

We’ve never heard of anything like this and we are SO PUMPED to see them in action at our Vendor Social on January 9th! Grab your tickets before their gone!

NYC Vendor Social January 9th from 6-9:00pm

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Creation of live records on site. In other words, we use record cutters from the 1940s to make live flexi disc records at events.


YouThere was founded as a way to PLAY, to make moments, and to CREATE with people who don’t necessarily identify as ‘artists.’ At the time, we were setting up a professional recording and performance coaching studio. We started cutting records on plastic picnic plates at studio parties to blow off steam, be silly, and show people what our retro record cutting gear could do.

People loved it, and at that moment, the first version of YouThere Vinyl Recording Booth was born!

We loved it too, and decided to invest more and more of our time creating and documenting moments with people at weddings and events. We keep at it because of the people we meet – each person surprises us with how fun, adventurous, and brave they are in sharing themselves with other people.

YouThere refers to that special moment of making a connection with someone. Hey! You there! can start an interaction, a conversation, dialogue and a relationship – or it can keep an existing relationship growing and flowing.
Yes, we have a super fun and unique party rental, and we also have a business that’s driven by a deep belief that people really want to express their emotions with each other, that they want to make memories, and that they want to feel CONNECTED!

Every event is so different, and I love that! We’ve worked at weird gallery openings, music festivals, wedding events – you name it – and it’s always something different and never what we expect.
Because of this, running the YouThere Vinyl Recording Booth keeps us sharp and flexible, which is especially true since the equipment we use is 70+ years old. We’ve gotten really, really good at trouble shooting, both with people and with old record cutting gear, and FAST!

I just love that running the YouThere Vinyl Recording Booth gives me this opportunity to grow as a person and stay flexible and open, while also contributing something special to someone’s memorable day.


Once, we were invited with the YouThere Vinyl Recording Booth to a really fun three-day event, and we had a blast. A week or so later, one of the people who had made a disc with us wrote to ask if it would be ok if he used the recording as the intro to an album of his own music that he was releasing. It was so flattering and heart-warming that we were able to create an experience with this very cool person that he wanted to not only cherish for himself, but also wanted to share with the world in such a big and meaningful way.
Of course, he could have created a higher fidelity recording in some fancy digital recording studio – or even on his smart phone! – but he loved the experience of making a flexi disc on a plastic picnic plate with a charismatic old record lathe, and THAT’S what it’s all about for us.
Sure, everyone can make a high-quality recording on their smart phone these days… but will they? And will they remember it? Cherish it? Talk about the experience of making it for years? Probably not, and that’s what sets us apart from more common, digitized, and ‘contemporary’ event and wedding rentals.

We love working with people who love exploring new things, who love learning, who love having a new experience and jumping right in! Because we’re all about letting people create things, we always bring tons of discs to events and include unlimited disc making in our per-event price. We want people to come over to the booth, play with us, experiment with what they can do, embarrass themselves a little bit and laugh at themselves – and then try it all over again!

We get what it’s like being a creative couple looking for something new, different, and experience-oriented for a wedding. Aaron and I worked hard to create a wedding and reception for ourselves that reflected our personalities, interests, lifestyle, and philosophy of growth. We’re both super open and creative people who love to understand who our clients are as people. At the same time, we’re organized, professional, and tidy in our business – we’re perfectionists in that way.


Aaron and I personally attend most events, and we occasionally work with a team of awesome lathe operators. Because of the very unique nature of our gear and our recording booth, you can bet that all our staff has been been trained extensively and shares our philosophy of great service. We’re all about creating emotional connections and positive memories!
We also work with an absolutely amazing in-house graphic designer to makes custom record labels for our clients at a reasonable extra fee. She is such an indispensable member of our team, and we’re always excited when couples want a custom label, because we know that she can really rock any design challenge!

YouThere Vinyl Recording Booth