Meet Your Piano Bar!

Your Piano Bar is like having your very own piano bar at your wedding, party, or corporate mixer. As Jonathan mines his 1000-song repertoire, singing popular hits and forgotten gems from your high school days, you and your guests can also request your favorite songs to rock out and sing along to.

Almost 3 years

My first private “piano bar” gig was a backyard crab feast for a 40th birthday in Bethesda. As I was packing up my gear, I overheard someone telling their friend “It’s like having a piano bar in your backyard!” And the business was born!

After the party described above, I realized there was an untapped market of music lovers who were looking for the fun interactive experience you get when you go to a piano bar. After years of throwing a wide net for whatever music gigs were out there (and continuing to do so), I decided to create a business that would give those people a place to get their fix, where they could make the music for their party or wedding as much a perfect reflection of them as they did with the rest of the event.

When I start playing a song someone’s requested, and they come running over to the piano, fist pumping, friends in tow, to sing along at the top of their lungs. What makes it a triple-favorite? When they start singing with someone else at the party they’ve never met, and strike up an instant bond over just the music.

Music, and your favorite songs, is something that touches you deep down and brings you back to your favorite parts of your life. I get to bring that out in people, and not only that but I get to give people that feeling on demand, at their request.

I was playing at a piano bar on a relatively slow Wednesday night and a group of middle-aged car salespeople, in town for a convention, saddled up to the piano and started throwing out a bunch of great requests, and grabbing the mic to sing along to most of them. After an our or so, they waved over a couple of twenty-something German guys who had been there for a while, keeping to themselves, and who were basically the only other people in the room. One of the first crowd, Leo, chatted with one of the German guys, Alex, and requested some Beatles for him. I asked Alex his favorite Beatles song: “Yesterday”. Off we went! Alex grabbed the guest mic as I started playing the opening measures of “Yesterday.” Alex, reading the lyrics from my iPad, needed a little help, and Leo stood alongside him cheering him on and helping him sing through the song (and of course everyone else was singing along too). In the midst of my playing I noticed that I was smiling ear to ear and couldn’t stop! It made me SO happy, filled me with such joy and warmth, the way the music had brought these strangers – from different countries, no less! – together, singing together, helping each other out, cheering each other on.

Meet Your Piano Bar at the District Bliss DC Vendor Social on March 21st!

Jonathan will be performing live music as guests mix & mingle at our District Bliss DC Vendor Social! Join us at Fathom Gallery from 6-8:00pm and meet all of our rad participating vendors!

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