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We know there are no do-overs and that’s what motivates us to do our best every time. — Vanessa Young, Owner of Little Black Book Events

Seven years ago, Vanessa Young, Owner of Little Black Book Events, decided she wanted to share her vision with the world, spread positivity, and make every event and wedding absolutely perfect.

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I have always been Type A — or Type Triple-A, according to my family. I was the one planning vacations, birthday parties, etc. One of my younger sisters got married seven years ago and I helped with much of the planning. After that, I had a few family and friends reach out for help. I soon realized that I had a talent for planning and a nack for details. I got certified at George Washington University for event management and never looked back!

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How did you come up with the name of your company?

I wanted to convey access to something exclusive…my services.

When you think about a little black book, it implies connections to all the right things. I want to be that go-to person for my clients. Also, I thought it was a super cute name.

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Do you have a favorite/memorable story related to your business that you’d like to share?

My favorite story actually comes from earlier in my career.

I was recommended to a couple by a fellow wedding professional. It was an inter-faith wedding in Baltimore with over 300 people.

The bride was extremely sure about hiring coordination help for the day. The groom was not convinced.

We talked through the benefits and the areas I could provide more support for them. The bride’s wishes won out, but the groom negotiated my pricing down.

Fast-forward to the wedding reception.

Toward the end of the night, the groom comes up to me and says that I must think he’s such a jerk. He said that he didn’t realize just how much they needed me. And in addition to a tip, he would pay the difference.

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What makes you unique, awesome, and stand out?

We really get to know our clients…like really get to know them.

It’s critical to us to understand who they are, what’s important to them, and what’s not. This helps us excel at our job.

If we know we have a shy couple, we are going to build in more breaks into the schedule to give them space to breathe. If we know we are dealing with divorced parents who haven’t seen each other in 10 years, we are going to make sure the photographer knows that in an attempt to avoid unnecessarily awkward situations.

These details enable us to better serve the client and ensure that the day goes smoothly.

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What is your favorite part about what you do?

My favorite part is all in the background. I love being able to handle all the details so couples are able to fully experience the day and their family and friends.

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They trust us to take care of things so they can be present and enjoy all the emotions of the day.

Little Black Book Events is based in DC but works wherever their clients take them.

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