You got an invite for a summit or speaking opportunity that sounds like a good fit – hooray!

Your heart speeds up just a little as you hit Reply and say, “YES, I’m in!”

The host replies back and is excited to have you. “Do you have at least 5000 people on your email list?”

Your elation drops into annoyance. Why in the WORLD did they invite you, only to turn around and say you’re only worthwhile if you have a certain number of people on your list??

I’m with you and so is Jenn Zellers, District Bliss Member and the brilliant mind behind Virtual Summit Search (who happens to have authored this).

As a summit host and someone who regularly hosts workshops, I’ve honestly found that a lot of speakers with ‘small’ lists have better results – both for the summit AND for themselves – than folks with 5k+ or 7k+ lists!

That’s why they don’t have a list-size requirement to join Jenn’s Speaker Directory and we don’t have a requirement for experts who speak to the District Bliss Community (you can find that application here, btw).

Some folks hesitate to start speaking at all because they think they need a certain size list first. They’re “Not Ready” for so many reasons. (Trust me, we’ve heard them all! )

Those fears are like a comfy safety blanket: you can curl up in the soft warmth of certainty that you’re Not Ready. You’ve wrapped yourself up in that blankie… even though you know it’s time to grow out of it.

That’s where those folks who are hesitating to start speaking are stuck.

  • They don’t have a big email list.
  • They think they need to have a few summits under their belts first.
  • They’re worried that they need to ‘have it all together’ before they start speaking and get in front of hosts.

They’re wrapping that old safety blanket around themselves. They don’t want to give up that blanket until they’ve got the big email list, the bona fides of a polished speaking resume, the perfect presentation.

You don’t need any of that to be a successful speaker.

Here’s the not-so-secret secret: You can start speaking – even if you have no email list at all.

  • You can start speaking even if you have never spoken before.
  • You can start speaking even if you don’t have the perfect presentation.
  • You can start speaking even if you feel like you’re Not Ready and don’t have it all together.

You won’t be the only one, either.

They welcome brand-new speakers into the Directory and would love to support you as you embark on your speaking adventure. Jenn doesn’t care how big your email list or if you’re just getting started!

Ditch the fear of Not Ready and start speaking.

Send me an email at to let me know where you’re at in your speaking journey and what resources you’re looking for to take the next step.

PS: Jenn hosts quarterly Speaker Roundtables for District Bliss Members. The next one is happening on Monday, 11/6. Click here to join us!

Quick rundown:

You don’t need a big list in order to be a successful speaker! Whether you’re just setting off on your speaking adventure, or you’ve been speaking for a while and are ready to level up and make 4-figure sales from speaking, you do NOT need a big email list.

Often, speakers with smaller, more engaged lists yield better results! If you’ve been holding yourself back from speaking (or joining the Speaker Directory) because you don’t have a big email list, this is your permission slip to just do it!

If you’ve been feeling stuck when it comes to your speaking skills, check out the Supercharge Your Speaking Skills offer. It’s just $9 and it will teach you how to do post-speaking self-evaluations that will yield incremental improvements in your speaking skills. That in turn can lead to more speaking invites, more sleaze-free sales, and more confidence in your own skills! Are you ready to Supercharge Your Speaking Skills? Let’s do this!

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