Why I ditched Mailchimp for Flodesk.

Let’s talk email marketing.

🤔 Are you doing it? Are you avoiding it? Do you enjoy doing it?

I ditched Mailchimp for Flodesk a few years ago, but I’m no marketing expert. So, this week’s email is coming to you from District Bliss Member Kristina Kury of Sprout Creative. (Because she is a marketing expert. 😉)

5 Reasons I Made the Switch From Mailchimp to Flodesk.

I learned to love sending emails again; thank you, Flodesk! 🙌

Not to hate on Mailchimp. I have clients who still use it. It is robust and helpful with segmentation, tags, analytics, and email sequencing.

However…I found Mailchimp’s restrictive graphics very unappealing. I wanted to have more creative freedom, yah know? There are a few other reasons too!

Here’s why I made the switch from Mailchimp to Flodesk:

1) Pretty Templates. 😍 There’s a beautiful design flow to their templates. It’s not ridged, boxy, and restrictive like Mailchimp. Your template design choices are modern, trendy, and eye-catching. It makes the process of building an email fun and allows you to be more creative and on-brand.

2) User-friendly. It won’t take you a week, 2 weeks, or a month to figure out how to add a subscriber or send an email. Flodesk is intuitive, clean, and simple. You can quickly get in, build your email, send it, and move on with your busy day.

3) Affordable, even when you grow. You won’t be charged every time you grow your list by 100. You pay one fee for your size, no matter what it is. So, go grow your little sprout! 🌱

4) Pretty emails — pretty forms. Not only can you make lovely, eye-catching emails but you can also make beautiful forms. So next time you need a pop-up for an awesome freebie, you can match it visually to your brand.

5) There are human beings at the help desk! Flodesk answers your questions so fast when you reach out by email or Facebook group! Bonus: The Facebook community is quick to jump in with their experience and help too — isn’t that nice. 😍

Okay, I’m sure you’re wondering… what’s not so great.

Flodesk’s analytics aren’t as robust as Mailchimp and, as a marketer, I look at ALL THE DATA — so this is a little rough for me.

Flodesk has a lot of integrations set up but, because they are new, they aren’t all automatic connections yet.

This can be a little tricky when you’re trying to connect your email list to your website. They had tutorials to walk me through it manually, and I did it, but it felt clunky.

However, as I mentioned in #5, Flodesk’s help desk is ON IT!

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*Disclosure: This is an affiliate link for Kristina, meaning at no additional cost to you, she will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. And, you’ll get a bonus for your first year with Flodesk! Woot!

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