Today, we’re talking about the power of cross-promotion.

Cross-promotion is when you agree with a collaborator to promote a launch, offering, product/service, etc. for each other.

Some common examples of cross-promotion:

  • Email swaps. Emailing your lists is great, especially when you personalize the information and give feedback on why you think what you’re promoting is awesome.
  • Social media promotion. Whether it be an Instagram Live, a post, or a story, you’re able to reach a large audience with social media.
  • Features. This might include blog posts, podcast or video interviews, magazine articles, etc. *Pro tip: always ask for a link-back.

Why does cross-promotion work?

  • Increased visibility and reach. You’re getting in front of someone else’s audience, and showcasing them to yours, as well.
  • Low barrier to entry. This type of collaboration doesn’t take a lot of time or energy.

So, when might you want to collaborate with someone to cross-promote?

  • You are launching or creating a new offer, product, program, etc.
  • You have an upcoming event.
  • You’re promoting a launch.
  • You have some sort of sale or special going on.
  • You share valuable content to increase your audience.

Pro tip: Always create swipe copy for the other person (and ask for it from them, too). You should be able to modify it to fit your brand voice, but you always want to make sure you have the content that they want you to share.

How could you use cross-promotion to increase your visibility? Make a list of five people you can reach out to about cross-promotion – and send them an email today!

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