District Bliss is doing a lot of virtual “stuff” now. What exactly does that mean?

We’ll fill you in!

We’ve started doing a lot of virtual stuff — from Networking Socials to workshops to the new District Bliss Online Academy to co-working — and it’s been really awesome!

Personally, I’m a bit old school. I like talking over texting and in-person over talking on the phone. I send greeting cards and even if I order gifts online, I send them to myself to wrap and deliver to you in real life.

I use statements like “in real life” rather than IRL.

Like I said: old school.

So, what’s up with this virtual stuff that we’ve started with District Bliss?

Sometimes you don’t have time to leave the house. Sometimes traffic’s a mess or you don’t feel like putting on makeup or maybe the weather’s miserable. But, that doesn’t mean that you want to be ALONE. 

At a business-building retreat with Creative Successful Entrepreneurs a few months ago, I mentioned in conversation that I’d been virtually co-working with Parker Bennett of Aligned Online (also a District Bliss Sponsor and he designed our new logo and website — highly recommended). We were talking about working from home and how it can be a little bit isolating — I mean, sometimes I don’t leave the house for over a week at a time (I swear I still shower, though).

But, I’m an ENFP and I crave human interaction. And, evidently, I’m not alone in that — who knew!

So, I solved the problem of feeling solitary in my work-from-home life by “co-working” virtually.

And, I’ve actually taken it a step further than just virtually co-working. One of my favorite people in the world moved away a few years ago. Chatting on the phone didn’t cut it and we decided to do virtual happy hours once a month. She’d often make dinner while we chatted and sipped wine.

It never occurred to me that other people might be interested in doing something like that or feeling the same way I did

Well, I found out that I’m not alone; other people really want to be held accountable and feel like they’re part of a community — and sometimes they want to just do that from their homes.

Don’t worry — we’ll still be hosting TONS of rad in-person stuff

(We’re working on our Winter schedule now — woohoo!)

These virtual events are just to get you through the grind between our in-person Networking Socials, Couples Socials, Workshops, and all that other fun stuff.

Want more details about how virtual co-working works?

We structure our virtual co-working sessions so that you can get the most out of them with our patented (just kidding, it’s totally not patented) District Bliss methodology:

  • Define a goal
  • Share it into the chat box for community accountability
  • Turn off your devices to avoid distractions
  • Feel free to mute yourself when you’re not speaking
  • You don’t have to be on video, but you’re welcome to be
  • Cheer on others in our “Lap Reports” ⏱️ (we cue everyone to update progress in the chat box)
  • Put your ?FINISH LINE CELEBRATION REPORT?‍♀️ into the chat box at the end of our virtual co-working session
  • *Bonus tip* choose something to work on that can be accomplished while people around you may be walking (editing photographs, answering emails, doing accounting, etc.)
  • *Bonus tip* choose something you need to do that you hate doing because it helps you get that task accomplished with less avoidance, more accountability, and it’s just more fun to do when you have the community support behind you!

So, what do you think? Does virtual co-working sound like it’s for you? Join us — become an official District Bliss Member!

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