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Erica McGrady is a viaONEHOPE Cause Entrepreneur! ViaONEHOPE has an award-winning collection of wines, gifts, and other gourmet products, with every item providing a built-in donation to their meaningful cause partners. Erica joined viaONEHOPE with hopes of both giving back to the community & exploring her passion for wine.

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I joined viaONEHOPE in January 2016 because I have a passion for wine and a passion for giving back to my community. I learned about this opportunity to own my own business through a friend of my sisters. As soon as I learned about the social impact component to this company, I knew that I had to be a part of it. Every varietal of wine that we sell supports a different non-profit organization through our foundation. Through this opportunity, I can nurture my passion for wine and give back to my community, all while owning my own business and earning an income.

What is your favorite part about viaONEHOPE?

I love doing the in-home tastings and sharing my passion for wine with people. Wine can be intimidating to some people, but through our in-home tastings, I am able to introduce people to different wine varietals and make it approachable. It’s also great to encourage people to try wines that they have never tried, and perhaps believe that they do not like. Often, I find that they will find something new that they enjoy. It’s great fun to break down those barriers. Lastly, the in-home tastings give the hosts the opportunity to earn donations for non-profits causes that they care about. When your host is invested in the event because they want to earn donations for their non-profit, it ends up being a successful event.

Do you have a favorite story related to ONEHOPE?

A friend hosted a fundraiser for her Cycle for Survival team at her home. We ended up having over 50 people attend the party. Given the large size, we set up tasting stations throughout her home and I circulated throughout the home all evening talking with guests, answering questions and taking orders. It was a lot of fun and full of all different types of wine drinkers, from serious collectors to novices. I had a lot of fun connecting with people and raising money to fight rare cancers. People really connected with the cause and that party turned out to be the 4th highest grossing party for the entire company this year and raised money for a great cause.

I think that ONEHOPE wines are perfect for the socially conscious bride or groom. As you get ready to plan one of the best days of your life, we have something to make it even more meaningful. With ONEHOPE, you can integrate giving back to worthy causes on your big day. We donate half of profits from each varietal of ONEHOPE Wine to partner non-profits through our foundation. Even better? An additional percentage can be given back to make an impact on the cause of your choice. Whether ONEHOPE is being served at your wedding or being given away as favors to your guests, there is truly no better way to celebrate than by supporting a greater cause.

I can place orders and have the wine shipped to most states in the US. I am available to make suggestions to perfectly integrate ONEHOPE wines into your events.

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