We have tons of fun events on the calendar!

There’s something for everyone – and we can’t wait!

February has brought crazy weather with storms on the west coast and a 60 degree day followed a snowstorm on the east coast! As the month winds down, we’re looking forward to seeing what early Spring has in store – and to seeing everyone at our upcoming events!

District Bliss DIY Events and Workshops bring together talented artists, creatives, coaches, etc to share all kinds of fun information and fun!

We have tons of events coming up in the next few months

– and there are more to come!

Our calendar is PACKED with events on the east and west coasts! We have monthly DIYs // Workshops, a few Vendor Socials, and even a Couples Social!

We still have some slots open for Participating Vendors if you’re interested in working with us! We love to highlight new, rad businesses, so be sure to let us know!

Upcoming Events

2/27   Find your Avatar, Connect with your Tribe, Realize your Niche! Carlsbad, CA
3/3     Engaged Couple Social, an exclusive party for Mervis Diamond Importers and District Winery couples  |  Washington, DC
3/12    Vendor Social at The Gallery at Elevate  |  Washington, DC
3/13    Creative Business Breakthrough Masterclass  |  Washington, DC
3/27    Creative Business Breakthrough Masterclass  |  Carlsbad, CA
4/10    Terrarium Building Workshop  |  Washington, DC
4/25   Reaching your Avatar: Visualize your Personal Brand with Graphics and Logo Tips | Carlsbad, CA
5/8     Get Fit to Profit! Wellness and Balance Workshop  |  Washington, DC
5/23   Entrepreneur Health Workshop: A Panel of Experts | Carlsbad, CA
6/20   Convert your 2019 Vision Board into your Personal Brand  |  Carlsbad, CA
6/27    Vendor Social at City Winery  |  Washington, DC

… and we’re scheduling a Hand Lettering Workshop in Washington, DC in June – so, stay tuned!

District Bliss Vendor Socials are light-hearted networking events for creatives, entrepreneurs, and wedding/event vendors; we also host DIY Events and Workshops that allow you to be creative, have fun, meet new people, try new things, and learn how to be the best business owner you can be!

We are looking for Participating Vendors to feature at our Vendor Socials! If you’re interested in fast-tracking your business and working with District Bliss, click here to apply!

Would you like to be a Participating Vendor? Click here!

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