After just under a year in the industry, Tiny Treasures Child Care has redefined on-site childcare!

Tiny Treasures was founded by Morgan Brown in 2015. Born out of a love of children, art, education, and recreation, Tiny Treasures provides on-site childcare. As kids, we remember our parents scrambling to hire a trusted adult to take care of us while attending out-of-town events. Tiny Treasures is the solution to this age-old issue! Armed with age-appropriate, fun activities and games, Tiny Treasures will happily provide childcare for all sorts of events – weddings, corporate retreats, busy backyard BBQs so you don’t have to worry about taking your eyes off the kids, and pretty much everything in between! Those looking for childcare services but who are also interested in offering young people from other countries the unique opportunity to live in your home as they make money and gain their own useful experiences may want to check out Go Au Pair which does all the background checks for you so you don’t have to.

Tiny Treasures will be putting some goodies in our swag bags (which, by the way, are going to be AMAZING!) for our upcoming Couples Social. Be sure to get your tickets before we sell out! See you next Sunday! WOOT! Until then, you can learn more about Tiny Treasures by reading this post!

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When did you decide to open your own company?

I graduated from Old Dominion University in the Summer of 2014. During my final semester in undergrad, I decided that as a young African- American woman, it would be in my best interest to start my own business. Having my OWN business alleviated the stress of succumbing to the gender/ race gap in wages that many fall victim to in Corporate America. I also wanted to wake up everyday devoting my time, energy, and efforts towards something that I genuinely love, thus Tiny Treasures Child Care was born.

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How did you come up with the name Tiny Treasures?

I came up with Tiny Treasures because children are a parents most valuable position. From there, I also came up with the slogan “Caring For Life’s Most Precious Gem!”

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What can you tell us about the Tiny Treasures team?

My team is the BEST. I currently have 5 ladies who are “Tiny Treasure’s Team Members” . All the ladies I hired have either an educational background in child care or extensive experience. In order to work for Tiny Treasures all Team Members must be 18 years or older, have a valid license & registration, be CPR& First Aid Certified, have experience with children, pass a background check, and have a personal interview. For larger events that require more staff, I also have Tiny Treasures Volunteers . These individuals have to go through the same intense hiring process & are used as needed!

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What is your favorite part of what you do?

My favorite part about owning Tiny Treasures is being able to meet new people. I love networking and community building. There are so many wonderful people in the metropolitan area , specifically in the events industry that have been so helpful & supportive throughout my entrepreneurial endeavors. I also enjoy the children. I have been in child care since I was 12 years old. In order to be successful in the industry you have to have a love of children!

Is there anything you’d like to share about your business?

Tiny Treasures main goal is to provide clients with the ultimate childcare experience. We value customer service and make sure to go above and beyond for all events. Whether its picking up the cake & helping with decorating for a birthday party or being prompt with correspondence, we want to make sure that our clients (both children and parents) are satisfied in the end!

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Could you share one of your most memorable moments?

My most memorable experience was conducting my first interview. It was a little awkward because I have always been on the other side, now I was the one hiring. During the process, however, I wanted to make sure to alleviate all the feelings I once felt. I wanted to be friendly & kind, be open, and really make the potential hire feel comfortable.

Is there anything you’d like our readers to know about you?

I grew up in Northern Virginia & attended Old Dominion University double majoring in Political Science and Women’s Studies. My Women’s studies background is what I rely on most in business, along with personal experience. Taking classes such as “Girl Studies”, “Motherhood Texts & Images”, “Women in Technology ” and “Women in Politics” really laid the foundation of wanting to provide a service that could make the lives of women easier. As a professional woman, I know firsthand how women, like myself, must often overcome challenges that are unique to us. The act of juggling career and home life can be quite an overwhelming and challenging feat. Often times, women miss out on events due to not having adequate child care and in return attendance to events can be negatively affected. This, along with experience in nannying, is how I came up with Tiny Treasures. I believe Tiny Treasures is an innovative take on a parental must have!


Do you have a favorite type of event?

My favorite type of events are birthday parties. Tiny Treasures offers a service known as “Mommy Helpers.” Mommy Helpers are generally used during smaller scale events, like a birthday party. I love birthday parties because of the excitement of the kids. I love hosting the games and helping then kids open presents. I also love seeing the parents hang out , knowing that Tiny Treasures did their part in alleviating stress & making it a great day for everyone.

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