Tickets are LIVE for our upcoming Vendor Social and the Catalyst Wedding Co. Magazine Launch Party! We’re certain that they’ll go quickly, so be sure to get yours ASAP!

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District Bliss is doing something a little different this month!

We’ve decided to combine our Vendor Social with the Magazine Launch Party for Catalyst Wedding Co.!

Catalyst Wedding Co. takes a critical look at weddings – because there is no “perfect wedding” – without sacrificing visual integrity. The written content is intellectually engaging (sometimes sarcastic) and features under-represented communities. Each issue will feature outside-the-box couples celebrating love in their own way. We’ll share: photo shoots that are possible in the real world; interviews with amazing couples who totally nailed the whole wedding thing; tips from mixologists, wedding pros, moms, and everyone in between; profiles of the coolest vendors in the area; and silly quizzes/horoscopes galore!

Our District Bliss Events Offer

-A new spin on wedding + event vendor socials!
-Tons of awesome crafts and unique decorating, created by District Bliss
-Copies of the FIRST issue of the Catalyst Wedding Co. magazine
-A stunning venue space
-A rockin’ band
-Participating vendors who are highlighted for helping to make each event unique
-Fun drinks – because what’s better than having a toasting with other rad entrepreneurs?!
-Yummy bites
-Vendors who are excited to hear about your business/ideas
-A photobooth where you can be silly with your new pals
-A Capitol Ideas board where you can share your thoughts so we continue to grow and improve
-Fun takeaways because you should be rewarded for your hard work!

What You WILL NOT find at District Bliss Events

-Booths of vendors
-Hard-selling/aggressive networking
-Competition – because we’re all friends here!
-Awkwardness – because we’re super pumped to meet you!
-Potential clients and non-event/wedding vendors
-Pressure! This is a PRESSURE-FREE zone!


Sign up here to be the first to know where and when to get your copy of Catalyst’s Spring 2015 issue!


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event? Yes, you must be 21 to partipate in this event.
What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? Street parking is available. Metro access: Chinatown
What can/can’t I bring to the event? Yourself! Business cards, if you’d like to do some networking.