Meet The York Manor!

The York Manor is a newly renovated historical landmark turned into an elegant event space! This venue is perfect for any private event, wedding, party, and even productions like photo shoots!

The York Manor is all about being a DIY kind of space meaning clients can expect flexibility here! The York Manor wants you to be able to create your event the way you want without many restrictions. As long as you’re obeying the law and respecting the space, this elegant venue gives you the foundation to bring your vision to life!

This unique venue will be the spot of our second LA Vendor Social & you do not want to miss out!


Extraordinary Living was launched over 6 years ago and The York Manor is one of the entities under the corporate umbrella. The York Manor was purchased back in 2013 and the team began plans to clean it up and preserve the 104 year old building. We received our official historical landmark plaque in December of 2015 and have been creating The York Manor as a community resource and elegant go to for private events. It was important for the right real estate developer to take over the manor because of the upkeep and repairs needed for a historical building. We wanted to preserve this large parcel of land as well. Given its size another developer who is not of or for the Highland Park community would have torn it down and built a modern building in its place. We wanted to keep the beauty, history and open space available for the public.

We wanted a neutral name that would welcome everyone through our doors and still convey the historic nature of the property. We had a competition amongst the staff to come up with a new name and our team brainstormed together. The result is The York Manor we have today.

The best part of the job is working with and creating each client’s special day. We have events from film productions to weddings to bar mitzvahs to conferences… No two days are the same and it brings us joy when a client has the event of their dreams.

My favorite story is one that is very common among our clients. The York Manor is a DIY kind of space. We don’t have many restrictions on vendors, time, or property layout… So my personal favorite moment is when a couple has been to see 5 or more places, including hotels and then they meet with us. We say yes to so many of their questions that were no’s in the other venues that a sense of relief washes over them and they smile knowing were are here to make their event be a smooth, easy and enjoyable planning experience. Our motto is, “Respect the space and obey the law.” We provide all the foundation elements so you can create your day the way you want.

We don’t play favorites…

Tell us about your team!

We are a team of people, including accounting, property management, maintenance and repair staff. The sales and marketing coordinator Stephen and I (COO) are responsible for the day to day management of the manor. We also have a support staff of site representatives that oversee each client’s event.

The York Manor,

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LA Vendor Social | The York Manor | 06.29.17, 6:30-9:30pm