There’s a lot of buzz around 6- and 7-figure businesses.

This week, we’re unraveling some B*S* and myths about finances for entrepreneurs.

This week’s blog post is coming to you from Beckie Rosenberg, CEO of Balanced Office Solutions and valued District Bliss member.

Let’s debunk another business myth and this one is a bit abstract, so stick with me.

You ever see those business owners online who like to brag about their 6-, 7-, or 8-figure revenue business? While that may be true, as a bookkeeper I want to tell you what is really going to impress the sharks – your profit.

Your revenue may show you know what you are doing when it comes to marketing, selling, and even your product or service, but your profit is what you take home.

If someone doesn’t make a profit or worse, they are losing money, then that is not something to go blasting online. And, often, it’s a care of instagram vs reality; their revenue looks great, but their profit may be significantly lower.

We all hit rough spots in the journey of entrepreneurship, but if you are taking advice from someone who is bragging about their X-figure business – be sure they are clarifying on revenue vs profit.

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Beckie, CEO of Balanced Office Solutions, sitting on the floor, holding moneyAbout the Author, Beckie Rosenberg, Balanced Office Solutions!

This week’s blog post comes to you from Beckie, the founder and CEO of Balanced Office Solutions and District Bliss Member.

Beckie is not your typical bookkeeper. With an unfiltered (sometimes sweary) approach and a commitment to authenticity, she’s a seasoned financial expert dedicated to simplifying the complexities of bookkeeping for small businesses. Her mission? Empowering business owners to make informed decisions based on real numbers rather than guesswork. Beckie excels in simplifying financial management, offering personalized insights into selecting financial software, unraveling deductible expenses, and sharing practical tips for stress-free financial handling. Her workshops are thoughtfully designed to guide participants from overwhelmed and disorganized financial management to confident and effective practices. As your go-to numbers enthusiast, Beckie is your dedicated partner in helping you achieve remarkable success and growth for your business.

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