Meet The Power of Collaboration Summit Speakers

Sara Alepin, CEO of District Bliss

Sara Alepin

The Power of Collaboration Summit Host & Master Connector

Your resident master connector. Sara’s so good at it, she turned it into a business when founding the District Bliss Community.

As an extrovert living in a work-from-home world, she’s found ways to leverage her network and continue to expand multiple businesses by facilitating connections between entrepreneurs at networking events and workshops.

Amanda Rae, CEO of 17hats, headshot in blue dress

Amanda Rae

CEO, 17hats, and Community-Minded Business Builder

As a small business educator, Amanda believes the difference between success and burnout is the understanding and implementation of systems and automation to save time and work more efficiently each day.

As a past educator, she brings a unique and tactile way of educating. She believes learning is half the battle, and it’s ‘the doing’ that actually makes the progress.

As the CEO of 17hats, she is dedicated to the to help small business owners through technology and education.

Michelle Whyte, Speaker and Educator at The Power of Collaboration Summit

Michelle A. Whyte

The Empress Of Etiquette

Michelle A. Whyte, is a military spouse, mom and founder of Ambiance Special Events, a consulting and mentoring firm dedicated to enhancing the art of the gathering through events & etiquette.

When she’s not wearing her wedding warrior hat, helping military couples streamline their wedding plans in a single day, she’s mentoring entrepreneurs to uncover their best strategies to create and capitalize on business communication, collaborations, and connections, as the Empress of Etiquette.

Michelle uses 18 years of hospitality & event planning experience, along with her business etiquette expertise to elevate the intention behind gathering people together for more memorable & meaningful experiences.

Ashlee Sang, Values-Aligned Branding Consultant

Ashlee Sang

Brand Messaging Strategist

Ashlee is a values-aligned messaging and marketing consultant with conscious and caring business owners so they can take confident, meaningful action. She equips conscious and caring business owners, social entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders to share their impact and their business in a way that feels good.

Sharee Collier, The Summit Host, headshot

Sharee Collier

Serial Side Hustler & Virtual Event Strategist

Sharee Collier is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and serial side hustler! She loves event planning and creating digital products/services as a way to diversify her income while providing information and inspiration to people searching for REAL answers!

Sharee has hosted over a dozen virtual summits, digital conferences, and hybrid events including 7 events she planned in just 5 months last year!

The Power of Collaboration Summit

Casey Mank and Grace Aldridge Foster


Grace has been training writers for over a decade. She has worked with organizations including the U.S. Special Operations Command, Capital One, Johnson & Johnson, Biogen, the Aspen Institute, the National Parks Service, and more.

Casey has taught in writing classrooms for over 10 years, most recently at Georgetown University. She has taught writing to professionals at organizations including Kellogg’s, MasterCard, Sephora, the Aspen Institute, Viacom Media, and many more. Casey is proud to have helped thousands of writers get to the point and reach their audiences with greater impact.

SMS Media founder, Maria Oliva, and speaker at The Power of Collaboration Summit

María Oliva

Instagram Expert & Community Builder

Maria is an Instagram Expert & Educator. She LOVES teaching small biz owners how to grow their businesses in a simple & fun way while also building Instagram communities that make them feel seen, heard, & validated for who they are!

From strategy sessions to social media management, she is there to help you!

Brittany Tam, Founder and CEO of The Financially Empowered Entrepreneur and speaker at The Power of Collaboration Summit

Brittany Tam

Certified Money Coach (CMC)®

Brittany is a Certified Money Coach®, on a mission to help business owners find peace with their finances. She works with clients to get curious about the subconscious drivers of their behavior, so they can create sustainable and sustained change. Her clients take concrete action toward their goals, gently and compassionately. Brittany loves working with clients who have tried implementing systems or mindset work, but nothing has stuck. Her dream is that people feel empowered and joyful as they engage with money.

Melissa McFarlane, CEO of Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

Melissa McFarlane

Business Coach

Melissa is an internationally-recognized coach with over 30 years of experience in executive, business, and personal coaching.

At Creative Successful Entrepreneurs, she helps Creative Talents, Freelancers, and Owners to start and grow successful businesses they love.

Shawn Brooks, Marketing Expert at The Power of Collaboration Summit

Shawn Brooks

Marketing Coach & Business Strategist

Shawn is originally from a small town in Western Pennsylvania and has a deep understanding of the challenges that come with working for yourself.

He specializes in helping entrepreneurs get unstuck, work less, and discover strategies for getting things done.

He started his design company in 2004, and it has been a significant contributor to his entrepreneurial journey.

Mikki Wilson, Dot Connector and Speaker at The Power of Collaboration Summit

Mikki Wilson

Business Strategist

Mikki Wilson built her brand as The Dot Connector before building a coaching and consulting business. Mikki connects the dots between intuition and vision with a disruptive business strategy that supports solopreneur CEOs in building lifestyle-first businesses.

Sharing transformative insights, Mikki inspires audiences to align their businesses with their vision and values. Through her passion and expertise, whether on stage or in one-on-one sessions, she leaves a lasting impact on entrepreneurs, propelling them toward peaceful prosperity.

Jenn Zellers, CEO of Virtual Summit Search

Jenn Zellers

The Speaker’s Alchemist

Jenn equips coaches, consultants, online service providers and digital product creators to establish their Sleaze-Free Sales Strategy™️ and Visibility Ecosystem to generate collaborations, leads, and sales – without feeling like a sleazy used car salesman!

Rosa Sarment, Ideablossoms

Rosa Sarmento

Podcast Manager

Rosa supports women-led online businesses that desire to scale their impact and income with a podcast. She’s the founder of Ideablossoms, a boutique podcast agency that has launched top-rated podcasts and produced and released over 500 podcast episodes.

C. Handy Law, Contract and IP Attorney Headshot

Casey Handy-Smith

Contract & IP Lawyer

Casey partners with Black industry experts and digital CEOs to protect their legacy by exposing inevitable legal hurdles in business, building a solid legal foundation, and negotiating their worth. Casey is the founder and managing attorney of C. Handy Law, a leading intellectual property and entertainment law firm based in Houston, TX. Casey is also the founder of Boss Contract Society, a done-for-you contract template shop for online entrepreneurs. When Casey isn’t serving clients or educating business owners, you can find her binging Netflix, reading a book, or hanging out with her husband and very active toddler, Caleb.

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