The Power of Collaboration Summit

Utilize collaborations and strategic partnerships to scale your business quickly and increase your visibility

A 3-day virtual event for business owners who are ready to increase their impact and convert clients through collaboration!

July 17-19, 2023


Watch the video below to learn how this FREE event will help you build mutually beneficial strategic partnerships and collaborate to scale your business – and increase your visibility – with ease!

Why collaborate? It’s the fastest, easiest way to scale your business and increase your income.

The single biggest mistake that business owners make is trying to do too much on their own. We overextend ourselves, waste money and time, and we burn out.

With one collaboration, your life can change, your business can change, and you can change the world. Learn how to collaborate now.

Most entrepreneurs are missing out on the fastest way to grow their businesses and that’s one of the reasons they quit too soon.

Collaboration is the fastest, most efficient, and most fun way to increase your visibility. All you need is…

  • the right tools
  • clear goals and expectations
  • your perfect-fit partners

But, collaboration takes a whole lot more than just knowing the “right people” to build strategic partnerships with and having them line up to ask you to participate in their next joint venture.

Strategic partnerships aren’t just fun, feel good endeavors. Collaborations increase awareness about your products or services and get you in front of a wide, warm audience – quickly – so you can profit.

If you believe that collaboration is…

  • too time-consuming
  • only for large or well-established businesses
  • not possible for businesses in different industries
  • not necessary for success

Collaboration is be a great way to grow your business, improve your bottom line, and make a positive impact on your community.

Collaboration is a powerful tool for all businesses – regardless of size, what you’re selling, and who you already know.

Profitable partnerships all in one place.

This summit is not just about the how – it’s about the who. Walk away from The Power of Collaboration with new contacts who are excited to collaborate with you.

You’re getting a lot of things right:

  • identifying the right partners
  • setting goals
  • pooling resources
  • promoting your joint ventures

You’re looking for collaborative partners because you know the crazy high value of finding the right entrepreneurs to collab with – and we’ve brought them all together in one virtual space.

Because if you’re avoiding putting yourself out there, networking, and nurturing your connections, you’re missing out on developing strong relationships with potential collaborators – and that means that you’re reaching out cold. And, probably striking out, if you even get a response at all. (I’m sure you’ve received a cold outreach email or LinkedIn message or two yourself.)

Maybe right now you….

  • You’re reaching out to potential partners, but not getting a response or feeling like your messages are getting lost in the shuffle and you can’t break through the noise.
  • You are trying to get in front of a large audience who is primed to purchase from you, but no one is RSVPing for your events.
  • You’re asking people to collaborate, but stopping short of making it official because you don’t know the clear next steps.
  • You got burned because your goals weren’t aligned or your communication styles didn’t mesh when you created a collaboration.
  • You’re feeling frustrated, alone, and isolated.

There has got to be a better way!

Collaborate and scale with these easy tips

You dream of finding a way to build strategic partnerships so you can increase your visibility and scale your business with ease – and, I promise it’s totally possible and you don’t need to have a network of 10,000 awesome entrepreneurs to get started.

How would it feel to….

  • Reach out to a fellow business owner
  • Pitch your collaborative idea
  • Execute
  • Convert sales
  • Rinse and repeat the process as your audience continues to grow larger and larger

And, FEEL GOOD after a highly successful collaboration?

This is exactly what you’ll experience at The Power of Collaboration Summit!

There is great power in aligning with the right strategic partners; you just need to know how to structure your collaborations!


Join us for The Power of Collaboration Summit, to learn from 15+ experts about building successful strategic partnerships that WORK.

Sara Alepin, founder and CEO of District Bliss, is also a professional photographer


Sara Alepin, Founder and CEO

Hi, I’m Sara, your resident master connector.

I’m so good at it, I turned it into a business when founding the District Bliss Community.

As an extrovert living in a work-from-home world, I’ve found ways to leverage my network and continue to expand multiple businesses by facilitating connections between entrepreneurs at networking events and workshops.
I love lattes, spontaneity, laughing loudly, and traveling.

Grab your ticket and join me and 15+ collaboration experts for a one-of-a-kind event that will help you create and structure your strategic partnerships so you can scale your business FAST.

I can’t wait to see you there!


When and Where
The Power of Collaboration Summit will run from July 17-19, 2023, with live sessions each day at 12pm ET / 9am PT and a variety of presentations to choose from throughout the rest of each day. This event is entirely virtual, so you’ll be able to attend from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Expert Sessions
Attend presentations from our lineup of 15+ speakers with trainings on the visibility ecosystem, the art of the intro email, being a sought-after podcast guest, creating values-aligned partnerships, and more! Your free ticket includes 24-hour access to each presentation during the summit.

Private Summit Community
Meet your next collaborative partner now! You’ll also have access to our private Slack community of business owners who are hungry to collaborate just like you! They’re already hanging out and networking to create strategic partnerships with other entrepreneurs! This is where you’ll be able to connect with the speakers and other attendees before and during the event!

Chances to Win
You’ll also have a chance to win prizes by showing up and participating throughout the summit. There are lots of chances to win prizes including bonus workshops and events, tons of resources, and even one year of District Bliss Membership!

Upgrade for a VIP Experience!
After registering, you’ll also have the chance to upgrade to the Collaboration Kit which includes ongoing access to the presentations after the summit wraps up, premium bonuses from our speakers, and more! You’ll get all the details (and a special offer) after grabbing your free ticket!


There are a lot of summits, trainings, and workshops out there. So what makes this one different?

First, this summit was created specifically so you gain strategy and so you can meet your next collaborator. 

This isn’t general advice for any business out there. Every single presentation is designed to move you forward fast, making it a whole lot more impactful.

  • Foundations – and find your people. Day one is all about laying the foundation while providing ample opportunities to connect with your next collaborators right then and there.
  • Decisions, systems, and the perfect-fit collaborators. On day two, we’ll be moving quickly – and implementing your joint venture strategy as we go!
  • Finish strong and execute. You’ll see immediate, tangible results by day three – because you have the tools and people you need to develop profitable collaborations!



“District Bliss brings together incredibly knowledgeable experts and who offer concrete actions that a business could implement immediately. Their workshops move quickly and provide a ton of value; it’s clear why the District Bliss Brainery is invaluable. I highly recommend their workshops. These are the best virtual workshops I’ve attended all year!


CEO, DCfempreneur

I have partnered with dozens of brands and companies to co-host events and virtual workshops over the years, and I have to say that District Bliss was by far a standout! The entire team is efficient, friendly, professional, genuine, and quite frankly just have their “ish” together! From a vendor standpoint, this made my life a WHOLE lot easier. If you’re considering working with District Bliss, here is my official recommendation to stop considering and just do it, you won’t regret it!”

Lexie Smith


Through District Bliss, I found an invaluable opportunity to meet a huge group of people, regularly, who share their knowledge and ask for my expert opinion in return. I have found not only clients but also an audience that values what I do. Being a Member of District Bliss has been a lifeline that I am so glad to have!”

Kristina Kury

CEO, Sprout Creative and Podcaster

After ONE event, I booked three new clients and have continued to book new clients at each subsequent event! Because District Bliss makes the events so warm, engaging and welcoming, that awkward networking ice is broken right away and business owners can immediately connect with perfect-match, top paying, high integrity, fun customers. You won’t find this at other events. We are truly thrilled and have found a comfortable, monetizing networking hub — couldn’t be happier!”

Melissa McFarlane

CEO, Creative Successful Entrepreneurs