The Coach’s Kitchen | Coaching Skills to Double Your Income on 12/13 ?️ (online)

Have you ever thought about learning basic coaching skills?

  • Add a game-changing advantage to your existing capability set and become a GREAT coach, to truly transform lives and earn exactly what you want and need
  • Learn coaching secrets, high-level coaches use to radically improve client results, lock in passionate loyalty and drive serious income
  • Every business owner benefits from learning coaching skills, and now you have the chance to do so from an internationally recognized master coach

When a Creative Entrepreneur learns how to coach, their clients experience rapid results. ?️ This skill set positions business owners of all kinds to earn a lot more, while producing much better outcomes with their clients. It’s a win/win for everyone and the world.

Who is this for?

  • A maverick creator: artist, inventor, designer, visionary, revolutionary teacher or alternative practitioner
  • A person who is motivated by passion and wants to make more money
  • An extroverted-introvert: eager to support others, but shy about sharing and asking for real help on your own genius ideas
  • An overqualified yet underpaid person, either working to lift up someone else’s dream while hoping to fund your own
  • A freelancer who is ready to ditch irregular income, and leverage their many skills inside a stable business of their own
  • A person living a modest lifestyle — are you brilliant…but broke?
  • A multi-talented person buried in unfinished projects and undeveloped ideas needing clarity and structure

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Meet Melissa McFarlane, CEO of Creative Successful Entrepreneurs!

Our The Coach’s Kitchen leader is an internationally-recognized coach and world renowned speaker with over 28 years of experience in executive, business, and personal coaching. Her work focuses on assisting clients in taking responsibility and realizing their personal and group potential.

She helps RIGHT-BRAIN creatives make a LEFT-BRAIN living and get their big ideas out into the world.

Whether working privately or in group trainings, she helps clients create personal and professional visions, define timelines, create action plans, learn skills, assemble support, maintain accountability and ultimately make good on the promise of their lives.

Some of her clients include Fortune 500 companies & CEO’s as well as many creatives, producers, directors, writers, lawyers, salespersons, small business owners, and even other coaches.

Bookmark the dates for 2020 trainings

  • January 17, 2020
  • March 13, 2020
  • April 17, 2020
  • May 15, 2020
  • June 19, 2020

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