We loved working with this duo at our past NY Vendor Social at MyMoon, and now they’re back on District Bliss, and they’re bigger and better than ever!

Eileen Meny Photography

Eileen Meny Photography

Not only have Elodie Duyker and Alison Hines, founders of Tall & Small Events, planned amaaazing weddings for the past two wedding seasons, but now they’ve added wedding officiating to their services! Alison Hines, a.k.a Small, has been a licensed Wedding Officiant in the state of New York + has performed non-religious ceremonies in the NYC area, as well as out-of-state, since 2013. She wants to help you make your ceremony as special and personal as possible!

You can get awesome planners + someone great to help you say your “I dos!” Who could pass up this deal?? Read more about Tall & Small Events’ wedding officiating service below & read more about the team + their wedding planning services here on District Bliss!


What is your favorite part about what you do?

It’s really hard to choose just one favorite part about officiating weddings! I love helping couples make their wedding ceremony EXACTLY what they want it to be — it doesn’t have to look, sound, smell, or act like anyone else’s, and sometimes my first meeting with a couple is the first time they’ve ever been told that. I love when a ceremony can be a true reflection of the couple’s values – however traditional OR nontraditional that may be. It is such a privilege to get to know both the couple and their closest family and friends as we work through the process of planning their ceremony.


Do you have a favorite story related to your business?

I’ve performed weddings in New York City as well as in Massachusetts and New Jersey, so I know quite a bit about the paperwork involved in a marriage license. Recently, I attended a wedding of two friends as a guest — as a layperson! — and hours into the reception, well after the ceremony was over, they frantically approached me: “We need you to sign the marriage license!!” Turns out, the friend they’d asked to officiate never actually registered with the Manhattan clerk’s office, so he wasn’t eligible to file the paperwork! We went somewhere quiet and had a do-over, and it makes me SO happy to have been able to be a part of their wedding day in a whole new capacity. Moral of the story: Asking a friend to officiate is great, but sometimes it’s better to hire a professional, or at the end of the night, you may not actually end up married!


Do you have a favorite type of event?

I love elopements and small weddings because they are so intimate – just me, the couple, and a few witnesses. I also love officiating ceremonies that have tons of moving parts – Musical interludes, blessings from grandmas, sage cleansings, poems, and vows. It’s so beautiful to be welcomed into other people’s traditions, too!


Is there anything you’d like our readers to know about you personally?

I am not affiliated with any religion, unless you count being a humanist and a feminist. I am happy to officiate ceremonies for couples of all kinds. My only requirement is that you love one another and that you love love.

Fun fact: I am fluent in American Sign Language. A personal goal is to be able to perform a marriage ceremony in ASL!


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