We hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying some time with loved ones during Snowzilla!

This is Sarah’s first REAL snow since moving to DC a few years ago. Sara, on the other hand, has been in the area through the top snowstorms to hit the DMV, except (obviously) the ones that were in 1922; she’s not quite THAT old. 😉

After moving to the city in 2013, Sarah heard tons of crazy stories about DC snowstorms before her first winter here. Friends would talk about Snowmaggedon in 2010 and Snowpocalypse in 2009, still fresh in their minds. Excitedly, Sarah watched the temperatures drop that first winter, hoping to see some exciting snow.

So, she waited. And waited. And waited. But, no real snow came. Soon, doubts that these storms were really that bad began to set in. Photos from the Harty: District Bliss ı Snow Throw ı Washington, DC &emdash; District Bliss Gals Playing in the Snow!

Well, thanks, Mother Nature, for proving to Sarah that DC really DOES get snowstorms and that we are not just silly people who run inside at the sight of the first flake falling from the sky or PACK the grocery stores, grabbing everything possible off the racks and leaving chaos behind them (although, as we all know, there are people in the DMV who do this HAHA).
Photos from the Harty: District Bliss ı Snow Throw ı Washington, DC &emdash;
So, enjoy the weather, everyone! Stay safe and warm! We look forward to seeing you for our upcoming DIY Workshops, Vendor Socials, and Couples Socials in DC, MD, and NY! Woohoo!

Visit Eventbrite and scroll to the bottom to see what exciting events we have coming up in the next few months! We hope to see you all soon!


Photography by Photos from the Harty. Visit their blog to see one of their very fave snowy engagement photography sessions!