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Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

Melissa McFarlane – Founder and CEO, Veteran Coach

Melissa McFarlane is an internationally-recognized coach with almost three decades of experience in executive, business, and personal coaching. A sought-after speaker, Melissa also has designed and taught many training programs and workshops around the United States and abroad, and coached 1000’s of executives, creatives, and teams worldwide.

At Creative Successful Entrepreneurs, Melissa helps RIGHT-BRAIN creative visionaries and mavericks to get their big ideas into the world effectively. In her Catalyst Incubator, Melissa works with successful professionals who have accomplished much, guiding them to do more than they ever thought possible.

Working in private and elite small group environments, Melissa now helps her clients in both realms to create new personal and professional visions, define timelines and action plans, learn skills, assemble support, maintain accountability and ultimately make good on the promise of lives.


FREE Coaching Session, Discounts: Free coaching session with Creative Successful Entrepreneurs and discounts on services!

Sprout Creative

Kristina Kury – Founder and CEO, Marketing Guru

Kristina Kury has over 10+ years in marketing. She made the leap to launch Sprout Creative as she realized the passion in small business owners was being stunted by the lack of time, understanding and commitment to their businesses marketing needs. Their expertise lies in their business and supporting that dream.

Marketing is overwhelming, laborious and confusing. She decided it was time to jump in with them and help build a cohesive marketing plan to get them back to making their dreams shine so they can affect positive change.

What to expect at Sprout Creative’s Monthly Pollinators:

  • Come with questions
  • Leave with a To-Do List
  • Start gaining clients
  • Join other entrepreneurs like you, each month as we tackle a specific Marketing Tactic and walk away with action items


FREE Monthly Pollinator Sessions: 3-months topic-specific marketing trainings and Q+A calls with Sprout Creative!

Contract for Creatives

Meet Ashlee Hightower, the owner of Contracts for Creatives and Cobalt Chronicles!

After practicing law at a large, regional law firm in Birmingham for three years, I moved to Washington, DC and transitioned into legal publishing as a legal editor.  I’m fascinated with creative entrepreneurial businesses, and to scratch my own creative itch, I started a style and travel blog, Cobalt Chronicles

With both my legal and blogging background, I have extensive experience drafting and reviewing blogger + brand contracts, as well as with drafting custom contracts for bloggers working as social media consultants, florists contracting with clients, and travel bloggers venturing out into managing clients’ travel points and miles. Today I’m able to combine my legal expertise with my passion for creative entrepreneurship

My goal is to make your life easier by providing you with an easy to use contract template or a custom contract for a specific collaboration or campaign.  You should always protect what you’ve worked so hard to create!


FREE Contract Template, Assistance, and Discounts: Free contract template designed for creatives and small business owners from Contracts for Creatives and discounts on services

Aligned Online

Get Launched Online

Do the ONE THING you need to get more clients online: create a compelling offer, and a simple launch sequence to get it out there — growing your list of ideal new customers

Get Launched Online is a four-week program designed to give you the simple training, secret tricks, exclusive resources, and the structure and support you need to create a strategic offer and watch it take off!

Stop spinning your wheels online

At Aligned Online, we help entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed trying to do everything get to what works to make a real impact online — in the simplest most effective way possible. We focus on the basics of building your brand, pulling in prospects, and actually making money

  • Get clear with the right message for the right target
  • Create an ongoing marketing machine to keep new customers coming
  • Stop wasting time, start seeing real results


FREE Q+A Calls to get you growing online, Consultation: One half-hour Online Alignment marketing consultation with Parker Bennett, Founder of Aligned Online, to help you make a plan to quickly grow your business online

PLUS! One month access to Codeside Assistance Aligned Online’s weekly group technical support call to get hands-on help with anything you’re trying to do online WordPress, MailChimp, Facebook, etc.

Backbone Business

You’re nothing without an audience (and a plan)

Today, every market is a crowded one. You don’t have much time with a potential customer, investor, or partner before they make a decision about who you are and what you stand for. If there’s a mismatch between what you’d like to say and what you’re actually communicating–or you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks–then you’re leaving your audience confused. And a confused mind always says no (or scrolls down, or deletes the email).

Creating a visual and verbal brand language empowers you and your company to connect with your audience authentically. It soothes the confused mind and communicates your values, both internally and externally, reinforcing belief in your vision. It’s not a nice-to-have add-on to your business. It’s crucial to what you do.


FREE Brand Strategy Session: Get a backbone, get a message, and get going: Create a brand that connects with your target customer and converts them into a diehard fan. Schedule a free audit with Backbone Business to tackle your burning branding questions or your thorniest business problem.

Triple Effect Social

Guiding Creative Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Artists To Triple Their Audience And Influence Using Winning Instagram Strategies!

If you aren’t on Instagram, you’re missing out. Big time.

Working with Triple Effect Social, you receive a customized Instagram strategy to help them use Instagram efficiently: grow their audience, impact and income!

So if you’re READY & want to stop wasting time on things that don’t get you heard, and instead spend time creating what you love, let’s get started!


FREE Instagram Assessment, Strategy Call: a personalized review of your social media from Triple Effect Social

Lemon Tree Editorial

Website copywriting for wedding professionals

Lemon Tree Editorial is a website copywriting firm specializing in the wedding industry. Owner Taylor Griffith founded Lemon Tree Editorial in 2019 with a commitment to providing small business owners with writing talent that typically only the corporate world can afford.

As a values-based organization, Lemon Tree Editorial stands for individuality, inclusivity, and truth and fairness.


FREE homepage review, discounts: Lemon Tree Editorial will record a thorough homepage review that you can watch again and again, plus 10% discount on copywriting services!

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