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It’s true what everyone says: starting and growing a business is tough.

But here’s the thing—you don’t have to endure years of agony to build a thriving business. It actually can be easier, more profitable, and more fun along the way, too.

Find out how to build a calm, profitable business in a free training series I’m launching next week.

In The Savvy Entrepreneur, I’m sharing the skills and habits that will help you avoid the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make and what to do right now to start or improve your business.

Even if you’re not sure a ‘business’ is what you want..

Even if you’re busy finding clients and locking down revenue…

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Why, you might ask?

I’m sharing concepts and skills I use in my private client work that haven’t been out there before.

We’re tackling big q’s like:

  • Should I quit my day job?
  • How do I choose an idea?
  • How does a successful entrepreneur think?
  • How do I stay calm and run a business too?

The 4-part series is totally free and starts Tuesday, October 22nd. Sign up now. You’ll get all of the recording too if you miss one.

Save the dates:

  • October 22nd @ 9pm EST Training #1: Should I Stay or Should I Go? How to choose whether to leave your job, go full time, or keep it a side hustle.
  • October 29 @ 6pm EST Training #2: Are You a Civilian or a Samurai? How to shift from an employee to an entrepreneur.
  • November 6 @ 3pm EST Training #3: Let’s Get Choosy How to choose and prove an idea.
  • November 12 @ 3pm EST Training #4: The Entrepreneurial Method How to develop a daily practice of self-care and grit.

We’ll be doing some work during the calls, so make sure you have a notebook handy so you can organize your thoughts.

I can’t wait to support you!

See you there,

—Jess, Backbone Business Founder