Meet Shelly Pate Photography, an award-winning photographer in Washington, DC!

Meet Shelly Pate Photography! An award winning photographer in the Washington DC area

Three years ago, Shelly Pate, a talented photographer who relocated to the area from the South, founded Shelly Pate Photography in Washington, DC! We just love her! Not only is she an incredibly lovely person, but she’s insanely creative and a brilliant photographer

Shelly Pate Photography focuses on wedding, couples, boudoir, and maternity photography. She has the ability to capture the moment in such a surprising, special, and genuine way – you can just feel the love and understand the couples’ relationships when you look at each of her photographs. It’s truly wonderful.

Shelly Pate Photography is one of the top photographers in the Washington DC areaPhotograph on the National Mall by Shelly Pate Photography | Engagement Session Meet Shelly Pate Photography, a talented photographer in the Washington DC areaShelly Pate Photography captures weddings in the Washington DC area that are romantic, sweet, and beautiful
Why did you decide to start your own company?

I simply wanted to be HAPPY! My goal in life as always been to spend my days doing something that I loved, something creative with new twists and turns everyday. I actually have a fine arts painting background studied photography here along the way. I always enjoyed the art art and finally had that “sun beams down in epiphany” moment after being a second photographer at a wedding!

Award Winning Shelly Pate Photography Wedding PicturesAward winning photographer, Shelly Pate Photography, captures weddings, events, lifestyle, portraits, engagements, proposals, and boudoir sessions Wedding, Event, Boudoir, Lifestyle Photography by Shelly Pate Photography

I fell in love with documenting this special day full of tiny magical little a moments in two people’s unique story

Photographs taken by Shelly Pate Photography are award-winning, featured on District BlissBlack and white wedding photograph by Shelly Pate Photography Wedding Veil | Bride photographed by Shelly Pate Photography
Do you have a favorite part of what you do?

Witnessing and documenting stories a gift. One of my absolute favorite parts though is getting to know my couples. We start off as strangers but, holy cow, we become so close along the way! I have made so many life-long friends that started off as clients.

Shelly Pate Photography, Professional Wedding, Event, Boudoir, Lifestyle PhotographsShelly Pate Photography is a professional photographer who captures weddings, events, lifestyle, portrait, maternity, boudoir images and more!
What is your favorite part about what you do?

Documenting best friends in love & getting to meet some pretty freakin’ awesome people!!

Shelly Pate Photography is award winning
Do you have a favorite story related that you’d like to share?

Of course! So, one wedding I had last fall was at a gorgeous vineyard in Virginia. The morning had been a little rainy but then the sun came out (yay!)

So I took the couples’ first look, bride and groom photos, and the wedding party photos before the ceremony and everything was going great. Right before the ceremony (outdoor) was suppose to begin the sky started to get a little darker… but it was also close to sunset, so no worries right?

Well, like halfway through the ceremony the bottom just completely dropped out of the sky and it started PPOUUURRRIINGG

Shelly Pate Photography offers top quality wedding photography Having a wedding and looking for the top photographer in Washington DC? Shelly Pate Photography is for you!

The venue staff was so great and rushed to get the wedding party umbrellas and even held an umbrella over me. Everyone was soaked but it was like THE BEST thing. The bride and groom were just having a grand time and those surprise rain ceremony shots are some of my absolute favorite photos I’ve ever taken. So rain on your wedding day = win in my book!

Shelly Pate Photography

Shelly Pate Photography has a brand spanking new website! Be sure to swing on by!

Is there anything you’d like our readers to know about you personally?

I could not live without coffee or tacos… like there are almost always tacos. I’m originally from Georgia and relocated to DC with my husband Patrick from Savannah (if you have never been, it is definitely a must visit town!)

Shelly Pate Photography engagement session

We have a giant “puppy” named Moose who is the center of our lives… and definitely knows it. Harry Potter is my favorite book series – I even have a tiny tattoo = )

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