It’s true…

We’ve basically been unintentionally prepping for the pandemic since early 2019

We pivoted to doing online co-working, networking, and workshops in early 2019 because we realized that people just didn’t seem to want to leave their houses.

It seemed like lots of entrepreneurs weren’t into dealing with traffic, weather, etc.

And, honestly, we get it. I like to be home for dinner, too.

So, we started hosting things online.

Turns out, we were inadvertently prepping for 2020’s lockdown. 🤷‍♀️

When the “new normal” has BEEN your business model?

There is much to be learned from our guest today!

Sara is the co-host of The Wedding Dish podcast, founder/CEO of District Bliss and Photos from the Harty – and she is MORE than prepared for this, folks.

District Bliss has been offering Virtual Seminars and Events for the better part of the last year, and lately, they have been PUMPING out that content…

You definitely want to listen in today, if you are thinking about pursuing the same path.

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— Trish, CEO of Trish Star Events and Host of the Trish.0 Show