Meet Reaction Dance Company NYC!

Juliette Nieves founded her dance company in 2014 in hopes of sharing all styles of dance with the world. From Hip Hop to Bollywood, Reaction Dance Company NYC covers a diverse range of styles! They provide Fusion Dance Entertainment including performances, dance lessons, motivational dances for private events, back-up dancing, flashmobs, assemblies, and anything else that would want dancers. They’re the most versatile dance company in NYC! Reaction can do the following styles: hip hop, latin styles, Bollywood, contemporary, theater, dance hall, fusion, and more.

Just like the cultural blending of NYC, Reaction Dance Company is all about embracing diversity and performing different styles from around the world, which even includes blending multiple styles together into their signature Fusion dance! They want to create custom dances that will represent their unique clients!

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We cannot wait to see these talented dancers perform at our NY VS on August 24th! Grab your tickets on Eventbrite! We’ll be dancing the night away!

Formation outfits

Why did you decide to start your own company?

I started my company for a few reasons: 1. To represent all styles of dance and create movement never seen before. I felt that styles other than western ones like ballet and even hip hop didn’t get the same respect/performance outlets as they should here. 2. To give myself and my dancers a sustainable living. So often dancers have to wonder where their next job will come from, and I wanted to change that by making my company essentially a one stop shop for dance services thus giving dancers including myself multiple dance opportunities.

How did you come up with the name of your company?

The name, Reaction, came from making dance that reacted to the diversity of the people in NYC. When you travel from neighborhood to neighborhood in NYC, you see that each one is home to another group of completely different people around the world. Jackson Heights is home to everyone from Central and South America, but also lots of Indians. The curry smells mix with the platanos frying across the street. The languages change from Hindi to Spanish. This phenomena is happening all over New York, the blending of cultures in one neighborhood. Look at Bushwick, Latin emigrants, African Americans, and young professionals of all races, Caucasian, Asian blending in one place. And the list goes on. I wanted my dance to react, to spring from who was actually living in New York. I wanted to give a voice to all their cultures. So I gave people the opportunity to choose from a large expanse of styles from Hip Hop to Bollywood to Latin. And even better yet mixing the styles together like the neighborhoods of people. There plenty of styles I want to add to fully make the patchwork quilt of NYC through dance.


What is your favorite part about what you do?

Ha Ha, I have a lot of favorite parts. I love watching my dances come to life on my dancers and laughing whenever one of us messes up in rehearsal. I love the dynamic of my dance team. I love creating the product with my client. For instance, when I have a conversation with a bride or a DJ, I love hashing out the performance with them. They’ll tell me what they’ve dreamed about. I get to collaborate with their dreams and make them a reality. And of course, I also love hearing the crowd react to our performances during and after we’ve stopped dancing. I love spreading joy and that’s what does at the end of the day spread happiness.


Do you have a favorite story related to your business?

You know that’s a really hard question. I think it’s a tie between performing on a cruise around Manhattan for an Indian organization and performing for a wedding at the Cipriani on Wall Street. On the cruise, we were basically treated like rock stars. Everyone wanted to take our picture (I have about 100 good pictures from that event alone) and the praise and hospitality was off the charts. While at the Cipriani we performed our first group partner salsa performance. And I was so proud that just in a few weeks I had put together this 4-minute complicated performance and also taught my dancers a very challenging piece for them. In the end, it went really really well. Everyone loved it.

Do you have a favorite type of event?

I don’t think it’s the type so much but rather how the crowd reacts. It’s my favorite performance when the audience truly enjoys themselves.


Is there anything you’d like our readers to know about you personally?

I’m kind of nerdy as you can probably guess from my answers. I like to geek out about culture pertaining to food, people, art, and dance. And at the same time I’m a girly girl at heart that loves sparkles, pictures of cute dogs, and everything pink. I also just really like meeting new people and talking to them. So I will say hello at the Vendor social.


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