Meet Qualia Coffee!

Some of us (or most of us) can’t even fathom the thought of a morning without a fresh cup of coffee. That’s where Qualia Coffee comes in. Qualia Coffee, located in Washington D.C., is serving up small batch, micro roast coffee. They roast high quality, single origin, sustainably produced coffee from around the world! Founder, Joel Finkelstein is succeeding in his mission to bring the freshest brew to the District and to farmers markets around the region! Their roastery and cafe is located in Petworth and they have a brand new shop coming soon in Eckington!

We can’t wait to wake up tomorrow for not only a great cup of joe but a DIY! Qualia Coffee will be at our Photography DIY at West Elm DC!

All I really wanted was access to really fresh coffee, and I didn’t have that in Washington. No one was saying when they roasted their coffee, or how they roasted it, or in some cases even where it came from. Honestly, the reason I got into it was there was no shop like the one I eventually opened. Today, we roast our coffee seven days a week, five pounds at a time, at our shop in Petworth. In order to keep about 12 coffees on roast at any given time, all available as beans and by the cup, we are always searching the globe for new coffee, grown to the highest standards of quality, fairness, and sustainability.

8 years in May! Since 2009.

In philosophy, “Qualia” are the indescribable experience of the senses, the idea that aspects of sight, smell, touch and taste are wholly subjective. Coffee offers a complexity of flavor that reflects the hard work and knowledge that goes into growing, harvesting, importing, roasting and brewing it. But ultimately, you will have to experience it for yourself.

Like anyone who is a nerd about anything, we love to share our knowledge and create experiences for others that welcome them into enjoying and appreciating coffee the way that we do. If I can help someone learn something that enriches their experience of what’s in their cup, that’s a good day.


Guided tastings, whether for coffee connoisseurs or newbies, on the road or at our shop, are one of our favorite ways to help people learn by doing, tasting coffees while learning about where they come from, what makes each one special, and what shapes their unique flavor profiles.


Our second shop is opening soon! In addition to our current space in Petworth and at farmers markets around the region, you’ll soon see us in our new storefront in Eckington.

Qualia Coffee, Roastery & Cafe