I hope you’re feeling so incredibly inspired to take action — and maybe you’ve even already started taking strides forward!

I’ve heard a lot of you say that you loved the mission behind the summit, which was to find your community.

If you haven’t shared your thoughts on the summit, I’d love to hear your feedback so I can make the next one even better.

Today, I’m here to remind you that unless you put what you’ve learned into action, absolutely nothing will change.

I know I’ve been guilty of going to great presentations, taking a ton of notes, feeling inspired, and then…nothing. I don’t want you to do that.

Running a business on your own is not all fun and games. You’re getting a lot of things right, but you know you could be doing more to leverage your community to build a better brand. What you really want is to... build a supportive community connect with business owners in meaningful ways engage in an interactive educational experience create quality connections with other like-minded business owners

So, today I want to touch on the process I recommend you take to get the most out of what you’ve learned.

1. Start with a list.

First, make a list of the pieces of your business you’re going to implement in order to find your people based on the presentations you went to.

For example, if you went to the presentation on Engaging a Podcast Audience and Converting them into a Community using Social Media and that’s something you want to do, write it down. Now you have a starting point.

2. Prioritize it.

Next, take the pieces in your list and put them in order of either what’s most important to you, what will make the biggest impact, or what you’re most excited about. Some people would say to always start with what will make the most impact, but I’m one who prefers to work where my motivation is, so I’ll leave that choice up to you!

3. Break it down.

Now, based on the presentation content and the notes you have on your worksheets, break each item of your list down into small action steps.

You might have to watch the replays to catch all of the amazing advice and action steps in each presentation, so allow yourself time to do that. (Grab the All-Access Pass here)

For example, going off of our “Engage Your Podcast Audience” example, you’ll want tasks to do things like:

  • Create a marketing schedule
  • Do some content planning
  • Research podcasts that have a similar audience

Each action step should be small enough for you to complete quickly and something that can’t be broken down into smaller tasks.

4. Add due dates.

And most importantly, give yourself due dates for each task.

Be realistic, based on your current workload and life outside of work.

If you’re anything like me, it’s tempting to try to squeeze everything in as soon as possible, but the goal here isn’t to overwhelm yourself.

Even if you just check off one item on your main list per month (a couple of small tasks per week), you’re making progress towards simplifying your business and you’ll see it start to pay off right away. In order to give myself due dates and tracking projects, I personally use pen & paper, but I know a lot of people love Asana, Trello, or even use a Google Calendar.

Do what works best for you, as long as it keeps you on track and helps you move forward.

Now… get to work!

I hope this process will work as well for you as it does for me. It’s simple, but it’s so helpful to look at small tasks that are easy to complete that have actual due dates on them. Before you know it, things get moved out of the “do this someday” list and actually start happening.

The All-Access Pass will make this entire process easier by allowing you to watch the replays as you work through a task.

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