Adjusting to the new normal?

Things are so crazy in the world right now; it’s still important to get dressed in a way that makes you feel “normal” / happy / inspired / and POSITIVE!

We asked Allison of Daily Outfit to give us some tips to feel fabulous while working from home — and she delivered! Enjoy!

Have you gotten over the initial shock of shifting everything in your life into social-distancing mode?

I normally work from home and my entire platform is set up online, so that’s not such a big shift for me. But, I’m not used to co-working with my kids! It’s all a bit surreal.

You’re Still At Work

You may be working from home, but you’re still at work. Showering and getting dressed to go to work are still the same — it’s just your commute that has significantly improved.

While you may be tempted to work in your pajamas, your mindset will be improved if you actually get dressed.

That’s not to say you can’t wear cute items that *feel* like pajamas — !

Let me walk you through how to create a powerful and positive work-from-home style!

Work from home style suggestions from Allison of Daily Outfit | District Bliss Blog

Elements of the Look

  • Boiler Suit: This was a big trend item last year. If you weren’t feeling it for work, I agree. For work-from-home, however, it’s perfect! These three options above are practical, comfy and cute — and you can shop by clicking the image above.
  • Sneaker: Sneakers are still hot — and perfect for those walks you’re allowed to take to get your exercise! Pair the boiler suit with low-profile sneaks to keep the look balanced. Stay on the lighter side in color to elongate your look.
  • Pendant & Hoop Earrings: Add a virtual conversation starter with a pendant necklace & hoop earrings. This infinity circle says, “We’re in this together.” I’m also liking a heart necklace here for a similar message and reminder to yourself that love and life are precious.
  • Scarf: For those quick runs to the grocery store, keep from touching your face by adding a scarf. If you want the coverage like a mask, you can tie it around your face or just use the fabric to satisfy an itch without touching your fingers to your face after touching unclean surfaces.

How We Make It Happen:

When you’re putting together a new look, be sure to follow these easy steps:

  1. Gather inspiration: Use street style stars to inspire you on Pinterest. You can categorize by trends, color, style language or a combination of all three. Or, just follow me!
  2. Choose specific looks: Once you’ve gathered the looks that inspire you, edit your board down to only the looks you really love.
  3. Create your look: Now that you know the look you want, match up pieces available online to build the look you’re craving.
  4. Sound too hard? Let me do this for you or I can teach you how!
Style made easy while sheltering in place

Photo by Krisztina Crane

Most Important? Stay safe and stay well. Thanks to our front-line workers. You are our sheroes right now!

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