Meet Popcorn Queens!

April & Bonnie Wardlaw are a kickass mother-daughter duo whipping up treats that are above and beyond your standard buttered popcorn. Popcorn Queens are in the biz of creating gourmet caramel popcorn in a variety of flavors! Once you have a kernel, you won’t be able to stop, trust me. These talented ladies will be providing sweet treats at our DC VS this Thursday!

DC Vendor Social, Jan. 26th, Republic Restoratives | 6-9 PM

We make Gourmet Caramel Popcorn in variety of flavors that we package and sell in 4 different sizes online and at vending events. We also create custom popcorn favors and popcorn bars for parties and events.

Popcorn Queens has been in business for 3 years however, my Mom Bonnie has been making her caramel popcorn for well over a decade. Her confection was always a staple during the holidays and she even gifted the popcorn to her staff at the insurance company where she worked. There wasn’t a single person that did not enjoy the popcorn and anticipate their tub every year. In fact, I (April) suggested years ago that my Mom sell the popcorn, convinced there wasn’t anything like it in the market, but she always declined. It wasn’t until I started a catering company in 2012 that her entreprenueral spirit started to flourish. I enlisted my Mom’s help with the business and one day we decided to include “Bonnie’s caramel corn” into the menu for a cocktail party and the rest, as they say, is history. When I got more inquiries about the popcorn than I did for the food (as well as an order on the spot!) I knew I had the evidence to prove to my Mom that popcorn could be our business. In September 2013, we let the catering company go, launched Popcorn Queens and have been busy making caramel popcorn ever since.

It’s actually a really short story. My Mom and I could not agree on a name. I cringe at some of the ideas we threw around but we did create a short list. One day, my Aunt, my Mom’s sister-in-law, was down from Jersey and we ran the short list by her. She listened and then said “What about Popcorn Queens?” My Mom and I looked at each other, looked at her and then said “That’s it!” So we have her to thank for the name.

When I’m prepping our online orders, I really love printing and reading the gift cards. It’s so wonderful to not only read all the thank you’s and congratulations but also realize that people are using the product that we love to commemorate events and just spread love in general.

We really enjoy being a part of baby showers and weddings. It’s so much fun when a client says something like “The mom-to-be is a popcorn fanatic!” or “My husband-to-be LOVES popcorn. It has to be a part of our wedding.” One thing that we’ve learned is that popcorn really does have a cult following and we are trying to market to this group to show them that popcorn can be a unique and delicious addition to their party or event.

We get asked a lot what it’s like to be mother/daughter team. What I usually say is that it can be very tough and it’s an arrangement that certainly should not be entered into lightly. But all in all, we make a good team because we balance each other out. Plus it was our love for and belief in one another, as well as our product, that got us here and THAT’s what keeps us going.

Popcorn Queens | Gourmet Caramel Popcorn

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