On this episode of the Pitchin’ and Sippin’ podcast, Lexie Smith, CEO of THEPRBAR inc. is talking with Sara Alepin, CEO of Photos From the Harty, 2X podcast host, and CEO of District Bliss, a community of ambitious creatives and business owners who want to expand their networks quickly, build their businesses with ease, and just find their people.

Sara is a master connector and a cross-community promotions queen!

Tune in to hear her best organic community growth hacks, tips on all things collaboration, social proof, and how to make accessible content for your business.


  • Sara talks about her journey from getting injured as a photography teacher and not being able to go back to her profession to creating District Bliss and then creating her two podcasts, The Wedding Dish and Laughing with Gingers.
  • She discusses the concept behind District Bliss: it’s a community of entrepreneurs and creative small business owners who support each other.
  • She talks about the importance of creating strong community relationships in any business which is often overlooked by many entrepreneurs.
  • Sara says that hosting an event is great PR: getting a business in front of a community is key and collaborating with others who are interested in what you do is also important.
  • She tells how testimonials can really help your business: it’s basically another person selling what you do and really great social proof!
  • For Sara, social media and blogging are two organic tools that have really helped her to spread awareness about her businesses.
  • Understanding the concept of “accessibility made easy” (shout out to Mabely Q!): inclusivity should always be taken into consideration when creating content for a webpage or for a podcast, for example.

Listen to Sara and Lexie’s convo on the Pitchin’ and Sippin’ Podcast