Can’t figure out what to wear to take that picture perfect portrait? Photos from the Harty is sharing their tips + tricks on how to look your best for the camera!

Professional Portraits, Headshots, Color Palettes

One of the most challenging parts of getting portraits taken is choosing your outfit. Photos from the Harty is asked this question frequently, so they thought they would share some tips with you all!


There are many different types of headshots. We are all unique! When having headshots taken, it’s important to think about how you would like to represent your business. For example, if you are working in the real estate market, the photograph below is the perfect background!

Photos from the Harty

Creative Headshots

If you are in a creative business, you may want something that shows a bit more of your personality. As photographers, it’s important that you know our personalities; you want to know that you’ll be comfortable with us. So, we often use this “headshot” for Photos from the Harty. That being said, we also have other options, like the image on the right.

Photos from the Harty

General guidelines for portraits

Solid fabrics or simple patterns generally work best

Your clothing should not have distracting patterns, text, or logos.  You want your face to be the focal point, not your shirt.

Photos from the Harty

Photos from the Harty

Statement jewelry is distracting

Unless you are getting your portrait taken to sell your new jewelry line, steer clear of statement pieces.  They draw the viewer’s eye.

Photos from the Harty

Dark clothing and long sleeves tends to slenderize

The “skinny arm” pose is for snapshots, not professional portraits.  While it’s very important to choose something that flatters your body type, it’s pretty crucial that you are comfortable. If you are uncomfortable, it can be evident in your images.

Be consistent

When posing with more than one person – such as for an engagement shoot, family portrait session, or even a group at the office – try not to mix too many patterns or competing colors (like complimentary colors — red-green, blue-orange, purple-yellow, etc).

Photos from the Harty

Photos from the Harty

Think about your setting

You want your outfit to work with the natural environment, not detract from or clash with it. If are indoors, think about the coloring in walls, decor, etc. You want to avoid clashing with those colors.

Photos from the Harty

Professional headshots should be just that – professional

If you’re having headshots taken for business purposes, dress professionally. Avoid sheer materials without anything underneath, low necklines, etc. You want to represent what a model employee would look like for your company.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

You’re hiring a professional for a reason.  Trust your photographer – and ask us questions!  We will happily help you; we want you to look your best! 🙂

Photos from the Harty

Example Color Palettes for having your photograph taken

Here are some color palettes.  You do not need to stick to these by any means.  They are simply examples: