I received this email a few weeks ago from a Member of the District Bliss Community and I wanted to share it with you. 👇

“I’ve struggled with imposter syndrome – the feeling that I’m not good enough to be here and don’t belong – for most of my life. 

My perfectionism was fueled in large part by imposter syndrome because I believed that if I could just do everything perfectly then no one would ever find out that I really had no idea what I was doing and didn’t belong there.

For the longest time, I was made to feel that my imposter syndrome was my fault. That it was a character flaw of mine, a psychological weakness, that it was my responsibility to fix.

I just needed to be more confident, more assertive, more self-assured. It was my job to fix me of this imposter syndrome.
I’ve learned over time though that my imposter syndrome rears its ugly head every time I am made to feel “othered.”
I’m an immigrant, a Latina, a female, and I’ve often been in rooms and at tables where I was clearly “the other.”

I didn’t fit in, I didn’t belong. Not because I was an imposter, but because I was different. 

It’s like there was a magnifying glass placed over me highlighting how different I was from the majority of the people in the room. Because of that, everything I did was magnified, people really were looking at me. They were looking to see what the immigrant, Latina, “girl” would do.
This feeling of not belonging was not my fault, it was not a personal failure of mine. This “imposter syndrome,” which was my sole responsibility to fix, was actually a reflection of a bigger social issue at play.

I remember going to networking events and feeling like a fish out of water. 

Thoughts like: “I don’t belong here.” “I have no idea what I’m doing.” “These people are going to think I have no idea how to run a business.” This was my imposter syndrome getting triggered. And I didn’t quite realize that was what was happening until I attended a District Bliss social. I felt like I fit in, like I belonged, it was so easy.
I looked around the room and saw a diversity of individuals all trying to share their talents with the world. 
It felt different. And my imposter syndrome did not get triggered.
That helped me realize that feeling like an imposter wasn’t ‘all my fault.’ When society makes an effort to include people, to ensure that people don’t feel “othered,” and to create a sense of belongingness, then society collectively is tackling imposter syndrome. When I know that I genuinely belong and fit in somewhere suddenly I’m not as worried about doing things perfectly, I’m not as worried about messing up, I’m not as worried about being ‘found out,’ I’m not as worried about being authentically me, and I don’t feel like an imposter.
Though I will continue to do the personal, internal work of addressing my imposter syndrome, giving myself the grace and compassion of knowing that it’s not all my fault, it’s not a personal weakness, but actually reflects some bigger cultural issues of what it means to belong, helps give me the strength to continue challenging this feeling of being an imposter.
I’m grateful for District Bliss for creating a space where I do feel like I belong and where I don’t have to worry about being an imposter.
So, consider this your reminder that what you do is important.
It’s easy to forget that in this busy life. And, you may not always hear it, but it’s always true. ❤️

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