What’s better than cotton candy? Fluffness’ cotton candy!


Not only do we love the delish cotton candy, but these ladies can light up any room!

Tatiana Podoliako and Viktoriya Riley founded Fluffness in 2015 because, well, who doesnt love cotton candy?! Their mobile cotton candy cart is totally adorable and their flavors are out of this world – plus, we feel like kids again when we get to enjoy some cotton candy! IMG_8888

We couldnt be happier to have Tatiana Podoliako and Viktoriya Riley back on board for our Vendor Social on Thursday, January 26th from 6-9:00pm!


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Why did you decide to start making such delish cotton candy? 

Summer 2015 Viktoriya and Tatiana had a revelation that there is something significant missing from celebrations, parties and happenings. Both being fans of cotton candy, they realized it’s impossible to find sweet and fluffy treat anywhere, unless you are at a circus or a fair.

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They decided to start Fluffness, mobile cotton candy cart service, that would spin cotton candy for the enjoyment of children and adults.

To make things even better, Fluffness uses only organic sugar with no artificial coloring and flavoring and has over 10 flavors available- perfect combination to make any celebration sweeter!


What is your favorite part about what you do?

Sugar! Just kidding! We love seeing the excitement and joy of people when they see our cotton candy



We were lucky to have Fluffness as a Participating Vendor at our August Vendor Social at Sugar Bar! A match made in heaven!



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