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Take two of online DIYs! Andddd ACTION! We started with networking tips, now District Bliss is back with another online DIY! This time, we’re teaming up with DoableYou to bring you the perfect wedding inspo DIY! Find out more about the workshop & DoableYou below!

Paper Flowers are the craze!

Weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, you name it… Everyone is making them! On July 26th, Krystal from DoableYou leads a paper flower workshop that’s a touch beyond the ordinary paper flower.  Think Jack and the Bean Stalk Giant flowers that are free standing, gorgeous, and sure to wow your guests.

Tune in for DIY tips like how to switch it up and customize your event, reuse your floral base, and get answers to your toughest questions like “How do you transport those things anyway?”

How cute are these paper flowers?! Elegant and DIY? Sign us up!


About DoableYou:

DoableYou is a consulting, design service that helps you DIY your special occasions. We help you filter through overwhelmingly endless ideas, creative posts and tutorials to find the perfect life hacks that accomplish your vision for less. Can’t afford it? Let’s make it. Not “crafty”? We’ll do it for you! No time? We’ll find the materials, discounts, coupons, and links to achieve your dreams within your means.

If you’d like to Register for the 1 hour tutorial and learn how to create some amazing, intricate, unique paper flowers for your room, event, wedding, significant other – you can use these babies to brighten up any part of your life! The full 1 hour DIY Workshop will go live on July 26th at 7:00pm!

About the Owner:

Krystal Williams of DoableYou has spent her life creating and experimenting with DIY projects. If she couldn’t afford to purchase it, she always found a way to create it, sew it, paint it, style it, or finagle it for less. She has repurposed furniture and recently designed her wedding which was featured on a popular bridal blog.


WHERE: Webinar

WHEN: July 25th, 2016 7:00-7:30 PM (Free Mini Class) & July 26, 2016, 7:00-8:00 PM (Full Workshop)

HOW: FREE – Register for the mini class tutorial to learn to make simple, lovely paper flowers on July 25th from 7-7:30pm –

$30 – Register for the FULL 1 hour tutorial on how to create some amazing, more intricate, unique paper flowers for your event! –

**When purchasing the 1 hour full tutorial you have access to this video FOREVER!** 


Want to lead your own DIY workshop? Click here! Want to be a Participating Vendor? Click here