The moment you’ve all been waiting for is HERE! Our full NY Vendor Social at the Foundry photo album is LIVE! A huge thanks to talented NV Shutter – Eric Vasquez Photography for capturing our eventing perfectly!

We spent a gorgeous NYC night at a gorgeous venue. We enjoyed yummy bites + sips & our amazing guests were just the cherry on top!  Thank you sooo much to everyone who came out & we hope you had a blast meeting new frendors!

A major shoutout is due to all the vendors who helped make the event FAB! Thank you to our wonderful featured vendor Via One Hope, and to all of our rockin’ participating vendors, The FoundryAmour and LaceMuddling MemoriesMenagerieBlack Sheep Bride17hatsMarcey Brownstein CateringReaction Dance Company, and NV Shutter, Eric Vasquez Photography!

Our next NY Vendor Social is coming up soon! On October 25, we’ll be enjoying networking + happy hour at Dobbin St! Get your tickets on Eventbrite! We are still assembling a team of talented vendors & creatives to help make this event amazing! Click here to find out how you can be a participating vendor!

See yourself? Be sure to share our pics using the #districtblissnyc & don’t forget to photo cred NV Shutter – Eric Vasquez Photography for his rad snaps! 

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