If you’re not emailing your people, you can take this as a sign that now is the time to start.

Social media is great for reaching a wide audience. You may even reach some people who aren’t on your list or maybe don’t even know you exist yet.

But, here’s the thing….

You don’t own your social media following.

Social media could go away tomorrow. The platform could just *poof* shut down. And, all of those followers are just gone. You don’t own your social media following. But, you do own your email list. – Kristina Kury, Sprout Creative

Here are some content ideas to get you started 👇

🔹 Behind the scenes. People love to know what your day-to-day looks like. Whether you’re sharing photographs of what’s on your desk or a personal experience – you’re building know-like-trust factor and that means people are more likely to buy from you.

🔹 Tips and tricks. Have a favorite piece of tech that you just started using? Share it! (And, if you have an affiliate link, that’s totally acceptable – just make sure you let people know.) Did you start a routine or find something that is helping you work more efficiently? Great! Share away!

🔹 Products or services. Don’t forget to share ways that people can pay you! Let people know what products or services you have available and offer a clear, easy way for them to take advantage of those services or purchase your products.

Now, go email your list!

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