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How to Make Networking Worth Your Time with The Wingwoman Collective 8/28/19 at 5pm EST / 2pm PST

What’s your plan to get that next client? If you need new clients NOW, you can’t let yourself wait for a referral to hopefully come through. It’s time to be proactive, strategic, and intentional with bringing in the kind of clients that you WANT, not whoever just shows up in your inbox.

Join this LIVE workshop and hear from Kylie Hodges, founder of The Wingwoman Collective, for an interactive workshop on How To Make Networking Worth your Time

Learn the 5 criteria to consider before even stepping out of the house, how to bring your best foot forward to every conversation and be seen as a source to up your credibility and bring in more quality clients. Get ready to share about yourself and engage with everyone in this interactive workshop!

This workshop is perfect for:

  • Service-based business owners: creatives, consultants, coaches, stylists, artists, photographers, lawyers, experts, strategists
  • Entrepreneurs who are sick of inconsistent income and living off of the mercy of their referrals
  • People who are sick of getting sweaty palms at happy hour and ready to grow your business

What to Expect from this Workshop

  • Why Networking is Important?
  • The Art of Conversastion
  • How to Make Yourself the Magnet of the Room
  • How to Leave Every Event with Positive Vibes and Great Connections!
  • What to Expect – Wingwoman Collective

Meet Your Workshop Leader

Kylie Hodges is an expert at cultivating relationships and connecting people with who they need and who might need them. As CEO of the Wingwoman Collective, entrepreneurs hire her to help them be in two places at once and double their reach and income. Through targeted and authentic networking and coaching, Kylie is the ultimate connector for businesses and individuals alike.

Prior to entrepreneurship, Kylie led the Sales & Marketing team for a community-building tech startup, worked as an Entertainment Journalist, Television Producer, and her favorite credit of all: Spokesperson and Driver of the famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

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