When you’re running a business, it seems like there’s never enough time.

There are a million little things that demand your attention, and it can be difficult to decide what to focus on.

Turns out, you only really need to focus on four things.

Starting and growing a business may be the most overwhelming thing you’ve ever done.

Every day is filled with pressing and competing demands, millions of decisions that require more time than you have, and stressors coming from every direction….

How do you know what to focus on? Wouldn’t it be great if you could be really clear about where to put your time and energy? Wouldn’t it be great if you had a simple formula that would allow you to know what to focus on?

Well, there is. Melissa McFarlane, CEO of Creative Successful Entrepreneurs, has cracked the code.

When we start helping people build their businesses, we tell them the following to help them focus their energies where they will really have an impact.

Ready? Here it is.

If you are a creative, and you want to make six figures or more using your unique (and incredibly valuable) talents, here’s some good news. You only need to do four things:

  1. You need to narrow in on some people that you can help or a problem you can solve or both.
  2. You need to create an offer that leverages your time well.
  3. You need to learn how to package and price your offer.
  4. You need to be able to drive traffic your way so you can make that offer, and you need to learn how to close the deal.

That’s it.

Do those four things and you can grow your creative business.

And you’ll want to follow this series from CSE, because we’re going to give you lots of information on how to do each of these things. So stay tuned!

This blog post was authored by the amazing Melissa McFarlane, CEO of Creative Successful Entrepreneurs, District Bliss Member, and my business coach.

Melissa McFarlane, CEO of Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

CSE founder Melissa McFarlane is a seasoned, internationally-recognized coach with over 25 years of experience in executive, business, and personal coaching. She and her team have demonstrated an uncanny, intuitive genius for removing barriers and cutting through personal and organizational roadblocks to allow real emotional, mental, and practical breakthroughs to occur.

At CSE, we help creatives start and grow businesses. We help people turn their passion into income. We show people how they can make a real living doing what they are best at. And we’ve been doing it for over twenty-five years.

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