In the spirit of the season, we’re sharing MORE awesome business-building resources with you all!

I’ve said it before — and, I’ll say it again…

I love sharing freebies, great deals, and all kinds of things that help you build your empire with the support you need. This just came through our inbox and I knew that I had to share with you ASAP!

(PS: Stay tuned for the District Bliss Black Friday sale details on tomorrow’s blog post! Woot!)


Sara, CEO of District Bliss and lover confetti, kindness, and Clouseau (our Frenchie friend)

Have you always wanted to try coaching, but never had the funds to give it a go?

Creative Successful Entrepreneurs is launching one of the best offers of the year that will give you a chance to experience what having a business coach and CSE resources is like.

(Did I mention that Creative Successful Entrepreneurs is not only a District Bliss Sponsor and Premier VIP Member, but Melissa is also Sara’s business coach? That’s right, CSE’s community has helped grow District Bliss! *gasp* Now, you can get in on the secrets to our success!)

For a very short time, Creative Successful Entrepreneurs has put together the Creative’s Cash-Generator Black Friday Grab-Bag Bundle at a massive discount, it’s valued at $2,397… and the District Bliss community can get it for just $97!

Here is what is in the Creative Successful Entrepreneurs’ crazy awesome bundle

1. Year-End Fast-Cash Infusion Video Training: Reliable Quick-Cash Secrets. We Teach Our Clients to rustle up $5K-$15K and more in a jiffy, whenever they need it. (Co-hosted by Jess Joswick of Backbone Business) (Value=$197)

2. My “What’s in a Name?” Training Video. Learn the rules for branding your business (and everything inside your business) for maximum attention, sales and results (Value = $127)

3. High-Converting Quick Intro Pitch Template. Use this format to immediately stop prospects in their tracks and get them seriously interested in learning more about you. (This little resource is the start of 100K growth for our clients) (Value = $47)

4. Million Dollar Sales Training. How I learned to sell comfortably and consciously, while adding huge value for prospects BEFORE they started working with us (making them lifetime fans) (Value = $297)

5. Million Dollar Sales Workbook. The right tool to help YOU convert sales easily and comfortably (Value = $47)

6. Sales Cycle Chart. Selling effectively is nuanced and it really helps to have the right script. This puppy is gold. I STILL use it daily to convert interest into a sale reliably (Value = well priceless, but let’s say $97)

7. The Golden Clients Worksheet. You know those clients who top-dollar, are grateful and engaged and then refer their equally cool friends to you? This worksheet outlines the exact path to follow to find and convert those ideal, “golden” clients (Value = $47)

8. Priming the Pump for Passive Income Guide. Success is when you’re making money while you sleep. This step-by-step guide (with it’s “critical steps” checklist), lays out how to successfully create, and then market, a passive income virtual product online (Value=$47)

9. The Passive Income Product Checklist. This important “critical steps” checklist will keep you on track as you put your first Passive Income Product together (Value=$47)

10. The Creative Entrepreneurs Success Action Timeline. Doing the wrong thing, or the right thing in the wrong order, can kill progress in your business. Calm down and know precisely what to do for the next year – a comprehensive overview of action over 12 months to grow your business smartly (Value = $197)

12. Talk to a CSE Coach. Questions can stop you from making progress with all these tools, so we’re giving you a “truly no-sell” Complementary Coaching Session in January to answer questions and prep you to get the most out of all the tools here, including the last Super Bonus below (Value = $250)

13. Super Bonus – A Free VIP Ticket to Play BIG! 2020. At Play BIG, the #1 Conference for Creative Entrepreneurs, you’ll put it all together, take action in the room, meet new clients and partners, and so much more. Plus, it’s a blast! (Value = $997) — Extra bonus: District Bliss will be there!

Jump on this quick, you only have ‘till the end of business on Friday (5pm PST) to snag all these goodies.

Here’s that link again:

If you have been reluctant to drop big bucks to work privately with a coach, hesitant to join a time-consuming business-building program, or know you can build on your own with the right information to guide you…now is the perfect time to get Melissa’s most popular trainings and worksheets at an unbelievably smart price.

These tools are proven to help you find and work with high-paying “golden” clients, get comfortable selling high-ticket offers, plan 2020 and more.

I’d hurry if I were you – you’re just a click away from securing this once-a-year offer…go ahead, gift yourself (it’s easy to justify at this price).