Melissa McFarlane, the brilliant mind behind Creative Successful Entrepreneurs, has been telling me this for ages.

And, yet, I was always giving waaaaaay more than I was getting.⁠

It burned me out. Big time.

Why is it so difficult to charge what our products or services are worth? 🤔

For me, it was mindset. I started this business in a place of generosity. It felt wrong to “make money” when my primary purpose was to help business owners achieve success quickly and easily.

I didn’t realize that in order for people to show up for themselves – and truly achieve the transformation I was promising – they needed to invest.

Invest in themselves. And, invest in District Bliss.

Take a minute and evaluate your pricing (don’t worry – you don’t have to share).

Does your offer…
✅ Attract your right fit client?
✅ Serve them at every stage of their need?
✅ Build a long-term relationship that guarantees repeat business?
✅ Leverage your time, talent, and capability?
✅ Pay you well, reliably, and repeatedly?

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District Bliss is a community of introverted and extroverted business owners who are sick of the stodgy and want to break free and build their businesses with ease.

Together, we move from feeling isolated into highly-supported and referral-generating businesses. We collaborate and build deep, authentic connections with like-minded humans and move beyond struggling to find a place where we belong and find the resources, support, and people we need!

If you’re looking for…

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