Meet Michelle Kyle Photography!

Michelle Kyle Photography began two years ago when she took a leap of faith and left her full time job as a graphic designer to take on photography. Not only does she love wedding photography, but fashion, travel, and portrait photography as well! Michelle is all about capturing her clients in true moments of happiness and love. This talented lady will be capturing all the special moments at our LA Vendor Social at The York Manor! Come out and meet Michelle along with other rad LA creatives!

“All professionalism set aside I’m a big kid at heart and I want my couples to have fun and feel free to be them selves on any shoot!”

I was originally a graphic designer and I fell in love with Photography when I took some classes in college. After working behind a desk in graphic design and marketing for a few years, I realized that kinda of life style and work life wasn’t for me. While I working my full time job as a graphic designer I started 2nd shooting and assisting other professional wedding photographers on the weekends, and I LOVED IT! It didn’t take long for me to realize that I THIS is what I wanted to do, that photography (specifically wedding & portrait photography) was my passion. In 2013 I bought my first “professional camera” and started building my portfolio and my style. As I started to book some of my first clients, I finally got the guts to quit my desk job in 2015 and thus Michelle Kyle Photography was officially in business!

The true moments of love, laughter, and awe are my favorite, so you could say I love a good candid! The moments that most people don’t see and many forget that happen, but are the moments that put smiles on my clients faces when they get their photos back. To be apart of the whole experience is such a joy and a privilege!

I love weddings! But I also love fashion/editorial photography, portraits, dogs, and travel! I like to expand on my work by shooting more than just weddings, as I feel its a great way to get some different perspectives and grow creatively.

I love all things coffee and puppies!

Michelle Kyle Photography

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LA Vendor Social | The York Manor | 06.29.17, 6:30-9:30pm