You know when you meet someone and you feel like you’ve known them for ages? Well, that’s how we felt with Michelle.

We connected with the owner and chief creative of Taffy Floral, Michelle Samson, through social media, but didn’t meet in person until our First Birthday Party + Website Launch in May.

She’s such a nice, giving person and you can’t help but feel at home around her. And, she’s super talented to boot!

Needless to say, we love Michelle and are so glad that we were able to meet – and not work with – her!

You can read a little bit about Michelle and how Taffy Floral came to be in our mini-interview below. We know you’ll love Michelle and her florals as much as we do!

1. When did you decide you wanted to be a florist?

It took awhile for me to get to the point where I am now (and I still have a long way to go!). People who have known me for a long time always ask me the same question, especially since my background is more in the fashion industry. I studied marketing and merchandising in college with the intent on becoming a buyer and then at some point opening a small store that carried independent labels. Working in the fashion industry was not as thrilling as I’d imagined, so my inspiration waned after a few years. I ended up working in accounting and contracts the past few years and I was content. But, I’d always loved putting together floral arrangements as a creative outlet! I used to bring arrangements to my old office. People would walk by the office, see my flowers, and ask me where I bought them. My old boss even told me, “You know, you really should start selling your arrangements instead of just giving them away.” So, that’s when it dawned on me to merge my background in fashion and design with my appreciation for all things floral and garden-related into a creative career.

2. How did you come up with the name “Taffy Floral”?

Florists have a bad rep for being cold and snooty, so I wanted a name that sounded fun and approachable. I also wanted something short, to-the-point, and not so much long and flowy and pretty.

3. How long have you been doing this?

I always had an interest in plants and really enjoyed tagging along with my mom when she went to the garden shop at the hardware store. I was obsessed with landscape designs as a kid and used to attempt to sketch my own designs. When I was in high school, I came across an old floral design book that my mom randomly bought for herself. After skimming through the book almost everyday, I started putting together my own arrangements and eventually for other people (for fun). I still have that book. The garden-style arrangements were always my favorites although the one arrangement that always makes me laugh is the arrangement using a head of iceburg lettuce as the focal point! And don’t get me started on lemons. Lemons must have been a floral arrangement trend from the ’90s!

4. Do you have a team that helps maintain Taffy Floral or is it just you?

Right now I am the main person running my business although I enlist others to help for larger events.

5. What is your favorite part about what you do?

I love sourcing flowers and finding those unique blooms and foliage – that one perfectly bent stem that makes the arrangement pop! I even enjoy the grunt work – i.e. harvesting flowers, foliage, and branches at farms, foraging, and even the prep work which is actually relaxing.

Although the design work is fun, I also really love teaching other people about cut flowers and how to care for what they purchase from the store. It’s gratifying to me when I see someone applying whatever they learned from me into their own personal projects. I seriously tell people to stop me if I am talking too much. I tend to ramble when it comes to flowers and plants! I hope to someday teach, starting with an upcoming workshop I am organizing for the novice floral enthusiast.

6. Is there anything else, besides doing florals, that you also do and would like to highlight?

People have told me I should just work in PR because I am always talking up other local businesses that I come across and love! I definitely like promoting products I believe in especially if it’s a local business. It makes me happy when I see other people succeed!

Thank you, Taffy Floral, for being a part of this month’s District Bliss Vendor Social!

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