Meet Kelly Carlin!

Kelly Carlin is an author, performer, podcast/radio host, speaker and life coach/teacher.

In 2015, her best-selling memoir, “A Carlin Home Companion: Growing up with George,” was published by St. Martin’s Press.

In 2017, she retired her solo show of the same name and turned her focus to her other passion – empowering women through her online community and coaching program Women on the Verge.

You can hear her on her popular podcast, “Waking from the American Dream,” and her SiriusXM show, “The Kelly Carlin Show.”

And, she teaches and speaks yearly at Chautauqua Institution, Pacifica Graduate Institute and many other live and online events.

During the Jump into 2021: Leverage Your Community to Build a Better Brand Summit from 1/25-29, Kelly will be presenting Build Your Inner Board of Directors: Using Imaginal Wisdom for Confidence & Ease in Your Business

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Speakers at the District Bliss Jump into 2021: Leverage Your Community to Build a Better Brand Summit

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1-month free Premium level membership at Women on the Verge

Women on The Verge Network is a safe space for women who want to finally make the leap into a deeper, wider and more meaningful life.

  • Here they will have the opportunity to connect with other women on similar paths, including support groups designed to assist them, as they continue on their journey of releasing their deeply rooted personal and cultural baggage so that they may claim a powerful, authentic and self-caring future.
  • Here they’ll learn to put their desires on the front burner, re-negotiate the roles they inhabit, and consistently feed their soul in service of using their gifts well in truly exciting and satisfying ways.

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  • “How to Build a Media Kit” Course

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Running a business on your own is not all fun and games. You’re getting a lot of things right, but you know you could be doing more to leverage your community to build a better brand. What you really want is to... build a supportive community connect with business owners in meaningful ways engage in an interactive educational experience create quality connections with other like-minded business owners

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