Meet Meekly Yours!

Make every day moments special with unique hand lettered and illustrated cards & prints by Meekly YoursKatie Meek started Meekly Yours 2 years ago and she is in love! Katie loves seeing her clients excitement to her unique designs and loves sending out positivity in the world through her creations!

Katie will be creating all the rad signage at our DC Vendor Social! Read all about Meekly Yours below & be sure to come check out Katie’s rad skills IRL on June 21st!

I started my business as a creative outlet to my previous job as a Project Manager at a content marketing firm in DC. I had been drawn to typography and lettering while working my B.A. in graphic design, and it allowed me to be expressive and creative in a unique way. I am really enjoy the process of creating things, and as I have continued my business, I’ve fallen in love with the ability to create bright, positive pieces that I can send out into the world to make someone’s day better. I also love seeing people’s reactions and excitement about my work—whether it’s an original design or commissioned piece.

My business name is a play on my married name, Meek. Also, when I started my business my man work was—and still is—greeting cards so the “Meekly Yours” is also a play on the valediction to hand written notes, such as “Sincerely Yours.”

I love working with clients on commissioned pieces. I love taking their ideas and inspiration through the creative process and seeing their excitement as seeing the finished work.

I enjoy working on all types of projects and events. Each project is unique, and I enjoy the opportunity to work creatively with each event, theme, and project.

I have widely diverse interests, and I am all about having fun with my work and the people I work with. I have interests in travel, culture, fantasy, sci-fi, history, story telling, science, medicine, cooking, board games, and so much more. I love having opportunity to incorporate my own interests and those of my customers and clients into my work and relationships.

Meekly YoursDesign, Hand Lettering, and Illustration

DC Vendor Social | The Outrage | 06.21.17, 6-9pm