Have you ever wondered where Small Business Saturday came from?

I was chatting with a fellow entrepreneur the other day and she said, “Wait… Small Business Saturday is the day AFTER Black Friday?

“That makes no sense. Everyone’s already spent the majority of what they’ll spend during the holiday season before they even get to SBS.”

And, I realized that, frankly, she’s not wrong.

That got me thinking — as consumers, why are we waiting to “shop small” until after we’ve gotten gifts (for our loved ones or ourselves 😂) at Target or on Amazon?

I did a bit of research and here’s what I came up with…

🔹If an SBS sale — or value-add — isn’t the right fit for your business, you don’t need to participate (as a business owner, that is — I will always encourage people to support small businesses as consumers).

🔸If you’re a business-to-business or service provider, SBS might not be a great fit for you — and that’s ok. Business owners are busy trying to sell their own products on Small Business Saturday. If your ideal client is too busy to see your offer, it’s ok to wait and run it at a different time of the year.

🔹You don’t have to wait until November 26th to start your sale. If you want to run a deal, you can start it whenever you want.

🔸Make sure to give yourself plenty of lead time. Have your marketing plan buttoned up and ready to launch ASAP. Statistically, people need to see something seven times before they purchase.

🔹You can grant early access to your people. I like to offer a special early-access sale to our email list whenever we’re doing something cool as a way of saying thank you for being part of the District Bliss Community.

I hope that’s helpful for you all! Happy Small Business Saturday!

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