Check out how cute the Magbooth pictures from our Vendor Social are!

We had a fantastic time at our Vendor Social at MyMoon! Our Participating Vendors did an killer job showcasing the space, the drinks were yummy, and we had a great time meeting new people and seeing some friendors!

7.09 PM

Thanks to everyone who came out! Check out the Magbooth photo booth images and our Participating Vendors below!

Participating Vendors

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Magbooth Photo Booth Pictures

8.21 PM 8.49 PM 8.48 PM 8.46 PM 8.44 PM 8.42 PM 8.40 PM 8.39 PM 8.35 PM 8.32 PM 8.23 PM

8.02 PM 7.45 PM 7.37 PM 7.35 PM 7.32 PM 7.09 PM 5.37 PM

Want to know more about District Bliss Vendor Socials?

A New Spin on Networking Events

A Place where Wedding + Event Vendors and Creatives can Socialize, Network, get Inspiration – and Just Have Fun! 

Our goal is to make vendors + creatives FEEL like the event is really being thrown for them – with all the bells and whistles. Those of us in the events/wedding industry attend a lot of events, but none of them are FOR us! Our Vendor Social is a happy hour where vendors + creatives can cut loose – and take a night off! It’s our way of thanking you for all of your hard work. We want everyone to feel welcome and have a great time – because you deserve it! 

You WILL find 

  • Tons of awesome crafts and unique decorating
  • Sips – because what’s better than having a toasting with other rad entrepreneurs?!  
  • Sweets and treats
  • Vendors who are excited to hear about your business and ideas
  • Participating Vendors who are highlighted for helping to make each event unique 
  • Fab gifts and giveaways 
  • Inspiration

You WILL NOT find 

  • Booths of vendors – because this is NOT AN EXPO! 
  • Hard-selling/aggressive networking; this type of behavior is not acceptable at our Vendor Socials 
  • Competition – because we’re all friends here!
  • Awkwardness – because we’re super pumped to meet you! 
  • Cliques 
  • Pressure! This is a PRESSURE-FREE zone!

Want to be a Participating Vendor? Click here!