Meet Luminous Sounds, Inc.!

An event, especially a wedding or a party, is not complete without amazing music. Luminous Sounds is a professional string quartet, founded by Kimberly Musial, that specializes in performing exceptional arrangements of yesterday and today’s hits. They are perfect for weddings, events, parties, and more! They have well over 120 amazing popular arrangements in their repertoire and can even have music arranged for you!
Luminous Sounds will be performing at our NY Vendor Social! Grab your tickets here to catch this talented quartet live!

I started Luminous Sounds in 2013 and originally formed the group as a duo. Quickly, I realized that it would be best to expand the group to a quartet and specialize in performing pop music which is something that I enjoyed performing since childhood. I incorporated my business in June of 2014 and left my career in educational administration several months later which enabled me more time to focus on our growth and development. Having been in the professional, freelancing music community for over 15 years, I have witnessed first-hand string groups getting thrown together the day before a wedding or event. Often musicians were arriving at these “gigs” not having a clue what music they were supposed to be playing. I approached this industry in a completely different way. In my opinion, if this is the biggest, most important day for these clients, why wasn’t the music be handled as professionally as possible? I wanted to offer our clients a supremely professional experience. I wanted to employ the best musicians, perform the best arrangements and offer the best client experience possible.

Luminous: 1. radiating or reflecting light; shining; bright. 2. lighted up or illuminated; well-lighted: the luminous ballroom. 3. brilliant intellectually; enlightened or enlightening, as a writer or a writer’s works: a luminous concept; luminous prose. 4. clear; readily intelligible: Our tagline is, “Bright Sounds for Your Unique Event”

My favorite part of performing is connecting to our audience (often clients and guests). It is nice to watch people slow down and listen. Typically this results in a smile. Live music provides such a special touch at a wedding or event and evokes emotions that recorded music simply cannot. I love watching the emotional reactions that our playing has on a crowd.

We have had the pleasure of performing for so many beautiful wedding ceremonies, I can’t select one in particular but it is always amazing to be a part of so many people’s most important days. On the corporate event side, We had the pleasure of playing for Cablevision and the entire Dolan family last spring. James Dolan, (CEO of Cablevision, Executive Chairman of The Madison Square Garden Company, Owner of the NY Rangers, The Knicks and the Liberty) was kind enough to come over and listen to us perform for a while. We asked if he had any requests and said, “Play the piece that I would least likely expect to hear performed by strings”. We then played, “Zombie” by the Cranberries and he was very pleased with our performance.

I love them all, I just love to perform. That said, I enjoy playing for weddings, corporate events, private parties and recording sessions.

I enjoy spending time with my husband and wheaten terrier, Kyra (the Luminous Sounds Mascot). Our favorite activity is to take road-trips cross country as a little trio.

Luminous Sounds, String Quartet

NYC Vendor Social | Primary | 03.23.17 | 6:30-9:30 PM