This may sound silly. ⁠⁠

Mentally preparing for “normal life” — what are you even talking about, Sara?!⁠⁠

But, the truth is, if you’ve been quarantining for the last year, you might be surprised at your reaction to putting yourself back out there.⁠

And, that’s ok!

Truth 👉 People don’t know how — or when — to leave. They’re staying longer than they want or they want to stay much longer than anticipated.⁠

Prep⚡ Buffer time after events and give yourself some room to be late to the next thing.⁠

Truth 👉 Getting together in-person can be emotionally exhausting for introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts⁠.⁠

Prep⚡ Give yourself ample recovery time afterward so you can recharge your batteries. And, give yourself grace; it’s ok to be a little extra tired.⁠

Truth 👉 Emotions — good and bad — are running high.⁠

Prep⚡ Schedule some quiet time before and after events. ⁠

Summation 👉 Go easy on yourself. We’re all excited to resume “normal” life, but that doesn’t mean that unexpected emotions won’t arise before, during, or after events. ⁠

Give yourself grace as we navigate these changes!⁠⁠

What are some unexpected feelings that have come up for you as we begin to see people in person? Let us know on Instagram!

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