What does balance really mean for a business owner, wife, friend, mother — and all the other roles we may take on in our lives?

CEO of Creations by Sasha and co-host of the Swirl and Sip Podcast shares how she maintains work-life balance with the District Bliss community

Ask any mom and they’ll tell you – there’s a myth that we somehow balance it all. I like to think of it as juggling. At any one time, there’s something up in the air that we’re just waiting to fall back down so we can deal with it.

In my life, I “juggle” five pretty distinct roles – wife, mom, business owner, day-job worker, and friend.

Here’s how I manage to keep up with everything.

My calendar is my best friend

I’ve always been a planner but ever since I became a mom, my calendar has become my lifeline. The calendar on my phone is literally where all my appointments and things that are happening go. If something has made it on the calendar, it’s set in stone as far as I’m concerned. I share my iPhone calendar with my husband so he can see if I have an appointment or a scheduled my gym workout so we’re both on the same page. I check my calendar every morning to see what I’ve got planned any make any adjustments for the day.

Prioritization is key

I’m a firm believer that women can do #allthethings just not all at once. So during any given week or month, I’ll take stock of which of my roles has been playing lead and if I need to make an adjustment. Right now, my mom-role is obviously a big part since Stokely is so young. But whatever is playing second can change at any given time. When I make that role a priority, I’ll focus on things that need to get done to nurture that part of my life. For example, if it’s time to step up the wife-role, I’ll plan a date night or make sure I cuddle with the hubs and watch a show on the weekend instead of going straight to sleep.

Setting Goals puts focus on the big picture

If you’re a follower of my Instagram and IGTV series (Goal Digger), then you’ll know I use my Cultivate What Matters PowerSheets to set intentional goals for all of the roles I play. Each month, I set specific action steps to help me grow as a wife, mom, and friend. These relationships are what’s most important to me, so I’m intentional about what I do to maintain and grow them.

There’s absolutely no way that I could balance everything. One of those five roles will fall by the wayside at any given point. And that’s absolutely okay. I strongly believe that as women, we can do #allthethings – just not all at once. There are some weeks where I’m a better wife than I am a friend. And some weeks I’m a better business owner than a day-job worker. Balancing it all means knowing that sometimes some things will be more important than others. And it’s giving myself room to know that that’s okay.