Meet Lacquer!

At Lacquer, Emily van der Linde is delighted to serve clients with hand calligraphy projects, invitation design, day-of signage and all the little details for weddings, announcements, dinner parties, and any event you can dream up! Emily’s love for calligraphy began when she learned it for her own wedding and she was hooked! Lacquer will be creating all the amazing signage for our March DC Vendor Social at Flavio! Grab your tix here to see Emily’s creative designs in person!

It all happened so organically, I would have never imagined a year ago that I would be a full-time business owner. I started teaching myself calligraphy for my wedding last year and just fell in love. It’s a wonderfully creative outlet that also can be so meditative and soothing. I have been doing calligraphy for over a year now and officially launched Lacquer 3 months ago.

Lacquer as a business name has been with me for over a decade now and has had a few other possible shapes before fully developing as a calligraphy and design studio. As an art history major in college, I find antique Japanese lacquerware to be so beautiful with its high sheen, while at the same time so hard and resilient – I really like that dichotomy.

What I love about the calligraphy business is the endless ways in which you can apply the art form to suit any taste or event. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional script on smooth cotton paper or super modern lettering on clear acrylic, I enjoy working with clients to find just the right style that fits them. It definitely keeps things interesting!

In addition to custom projects for weddings and events, I get excited about the little details that can elevate the everyday to a special occasion. I really believe strongly in having people over at the spur of the moment, even when the house isn’t clean (there’s nothing wrong with showing people that you have a life and aren’t Martha Stewart) and that as much as I love minimalist decor, I am definitely not a minimalist!


Lacquer, Calligraphy & Design

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 DC Vendor Social | Flavio | 03.29.17 | 6-9 PM