Keeping a dream journal is one of the best ways we can keep the connection between the unconscious mind and our conscious mind.

Most people think of a journal as a written document, and you are most certainly invited to use a written dream journal. You might also consider other methods, such as an artist’s sketchbook or a video journal of dance/movement.


When writing down dreams, use present tense, as if you are writing current action. Don’t worry about writing down every detail. Similarly, if you’re writing something and you add a detail you don’t remember from the dream, keep it in. You may decide to highlight keywords, circle recurring images, etc.

Painting or Drawing.

Drawing, painting, and other artistic expression of dream is a beautiful way to journal the images. You do not need to be an “artist.” Dreams love to be met with images, and using the body to recreate images helps to process the dream in both a mental and physical way.

You can even combine the two–some writing, some sketching. No limits, no rules!

Dancing or Video.

Because dreaming is a body event, it can be highly impactful to journal through the body as well. Create a video journal of movement, music, dance, yoga, being silly, etc. Create a private YouTube channel for yourself, or just keep a special folder on your phone/computer for your dream dancing.

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