Have you met Krista Walsh Copywriter?

Krista’s leading Make Your Website a Lead-Generating Machine on Weds, 4/27, at 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT.

And, today, she’s sharing why this workshop is so valuable for you! 👇 


Hi, I’m Krista Walsh, I’m a website copywriter and strategist and also a fellow Member of District Bliss.

Hello, if you haven’t met yet.

I’m really excited to be presenting a workshop for the District Bliss Community all about how to make your website a lead generating machine.

In other words, a really effective sales tool for your business instead of just something that maybe exists for you in the background. Maybe you have it because you needed to check a box to create your site, but it’s not actually working for you in the way that it should be as a small business owner.

If you can relate any of the following, you’ll probably get a ton out of this workshop:

  • You threw your website together because you just needed something.
  • It’s there, but you’re not proud of it; you didn’t really put a ton of intention in it into it just because it was so overwhelming, and you needed to get it up.
  • You feel a little bit cringe whenever you have to send your URL to people because deep down, you worry that it doesn’t actually do a good job of explaining what you do and why it’s valuable. Why people pay you the big bucks for your services or programs or whatever it is you offer.
  • You really struggle with the writing piece. Because when you talk to people – when you actually get on sales calls with people – you can talk very passionately about what it is you offer and why it’s amazing. But when it comes down to writing precise language, you struggle.
  • You’re procrastinating launching your site for the first time or doing a relaunch that you know you need. Because you’ve pivoted your business or something has changed. Because the task just feels immense.
  • Or maybe you have a website, you think it’s pretty good, and you’re getting some traffic to it. But no one’s really inquiring through your website, suggesting that whatever is happening within the container of your website is not converting people into taking action.
  • Or potentially you’re getting requests for people who turn out to like not be a great fit.

So in this workshop, I am teaching you…

  • Why your website might not be converting the three crucial shifts that you need to make to take your website from this place of existing to actually selling for you in a non gross way. But just effectively doing what it’s supposed to do.
  • I am showing you how to implement what I’m teaching you using real life examples from my clients.
  • I’m going to show you some real life examples of how we tweaked headlines how we tweaked the page structure to put these principles in to action.

At the end of this, you’ll understand how to actually…

  • conceive and strategize your website structure to drive increase intentionally
  • write headlines
  • avoid using some common mistakes that a lot of us make and immediately go through your site and get rid of those
  • create some big mindset shifts about what your website should be doing for you at each stage

You’ll be empowered to make those changes in a way that feels good to you.

It’s not super prescriptive; I’m not going to be like, “You have to do it this way.”

It’s more like, “This is what it should be doing. Here are some strategies to get there.”

And you choose the pathway that feels good to you.

So, by the end of this, all of that should start to come together and feel a lot more doable for you.

Tackle the project of your website – the messaging especially – but also design and what templates to use and create a lead-generating website that does the selling for you.

Bonus: I have a checklist and I’m going to give you for free. You can print out and go down the line to make sure you have all these elements. And that’ll get you started – and you can revisit the checklist to continue improving your website as you grow.

Hope to see you on Weds, 4/27, at 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT for Make Your Website a Lead-Generating Machine

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The 3 crucial shifts to transform your website from “existing” to “selling for you on autopilot!” (+ real-life examples)

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